Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I wanted to share photos of the trip between Sky City and ABQ

I took all of these not far off the highway in most cases. This portion of NM was at the bottom of the deep blue sea.....millions of years ago. The striations are from the sediment in the water. Sometimes, when rock hounding, you can find shells, water plants and other oceany like fossils.
Most of the photos were taken near To`hajiilee. That is where my Ellie Mae is from.

the horno on the left is used for bread the one on the right for firing pots

you can see the flow of lava rock here so well

bottom of the deep blue sea

more bottom ofthe deep blue sea, all yellow, red, orange, green and purple layers

typical sediment but gorgeous anyway

just before you get to Acoma

And then these are links to photos of Sky City. Someone else took the photos but if you go to the sites you can get an idea of what we saw.

Thanks for being interested in what we see here in NM. Some folks think it's like a giant kitty litter box with so much sand but if you look closely....well I guarantee you'll fall in love with the stark, pure beauty of nature.


  1. How beautiful!!! But, you can actually see the 'heat' in the pictures.

  2. I think it is just lovely. You are a lucky woman to live in such a wonderful place full of history. You come visit me in DC and I'll come visit you in NM. Deal?

  3. What a diverse nation we are. Those landscapes look other worldly compared to those I have seen. Facinating.

  4. Wonderful photo's so glad you shared. I was raised in Utah so I am familiar with desert type country but it is different. It is a beautiful place, I was taken by the sky and the gorgeous cloud formations.

    PS: My vert word is Cakiever as in it was the best Cakiever ate.

  5. The first winter we spent in the Arizona desert Denny and I felt it was barren and brown and boring at first. But then we started to watch the play of light on the mountains, fell in love with the spectacular sunsets and watched the desert come alive in the springs with blooming cactus and wild flowers. That's when we realized how beautiful the desert was in an entirely different way than any other area we had visited. You just have to take the time to look....

    word vert: whentute. Whentute open your eyes to your surroundings, it's amazing what you see.

  6. Beautiful - Yes! I find it fascinating how short a distance you have to travel to see something totally different from the area that you live.
    I'm enchanted by the ovens, and the knowledge it takes to use them. I wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to fire a pot or bake without burning myself using them.
    Thank you so much for joining our Second Star Adventure. Loved your Mad Tea Party Post by-the-way.


  7. "well I guarantee you'll fall in love with the stark, pure beauty of nature"

    be still my heart...i am are ever so true...linda this sacred land is breathtakingly beautiful...i have never seen such land as this and honestly wouldn't have imagined it to look this way...blessed you were to take that drive...thank you for sharing...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  8. Yep, looks like that out here too!! But we love our landscape,shrubs (scrubby as they may be) and there's so much life within one square a magnafiying glass...amazing!! Glad you had a great time...nothing like getting away to the long as you're in an air conditioned car...ok, now putting conditions on sightseeing!! LOL

    Love ya,


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