Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I was just propositioned.

I haven't been propositioned by a stranger in a heck of a long time. If you don't count the old guy in the park last summer.

And quite frankly, I have never had someone ask me if I'd let my sweet little girl dog "who is the cutest doggie I've ever seen" (all said in baby talk), have puppies by their dog, but that was before Ellie Mae, let me flaunt my sassafras, came to live with us.

The postman is bringing his Chihuahua by so I can check this suitor out and see what I think. Of course he said this before I could say I believe in zero population for doggies. So I guess we'll get to meet this little guy anyway....or maybe it was just one of those, "I'll get the next round" kinda encounters.