Friday, July 23, 2010

I'm a lucky girl.........

Yesterday was a very good day for goodies in the mail. I always feel so "loved" when I get packages.

But before we get to those presents.....let me tell show you what my bbbb, (best bitchy blogging buddy) sent to me because her adorable Sweet Man Vern drew my name in her Skully giveaway. I joked about paying her extra if she'd just let me win.....she said when Vern drew my name he couldn't stop laughing and wouldn't tell her whose name was on the paper at first. Too funny. I just love Georgina of La Llorna Art's whimsical sense of what is and now I own one of her stranger than fiction brain children. If you haven't checked out her insanity and creativity, do's a giggle, a joy and you'll be glad you did.

My Skully who I renamed La Nuestra Senora Veija Loca (Our Lady of the crazy old woman) is so named because Big G addressed my package to Veija Loca and my postman cracked up. He said he just couldn't leave it without getting my reaction. Not everyone knows how nutz I am but the postman is in on the secret. tee hee  She is going to live in the room that shall not be named on a shelf of honor and join the other protectors of my creative mind.

Now to yesterday's stash..........
1st GK and I got a lovely thank you note and present from Nydia and her little witch Lucas. I love snail mail. It harkens back to a time of personal communications. Don't you love the charm Lucas made for GK. They have a strong bond now and I hope they enjoy it for many years to come.

2nd we got the Traveling Tent from Wallene and Skippy Mom. The grands are prepared to experience their first camping adventure, albeit in the backyard. They are ready to have s'mores for the first time, sleep in "the" tent, and then chronical the whole event with pictures and explanations....I am not doing any of the above. GK is in charge and Ry will be her minion...this should be fun to watch. I guess that depends on who you are...if you are GK, thumbs up, not so much. We shall see.

So readers, if anyone of you would like to be the next adventurer of The Traveling Tent, all you have to do is let me know. I will mail it to you with some goodies added and then you can chronical your encounter of the tent kind and then pass it on to someone else. This is sorta like the traveling pants....but one size fits all.

And lastly, I got a shocking bit of news. My Mother, unbeknownst to my Dad had an insurance policy (funny because he sold insurance) and they have been trying to get in touch with my Mom for some time. This was issued under her first married name. So now all I have to do is produce a death certificate and power of attorney and whatever the amount will be mine. Or maybe they want me to pay off an old loan on the policy......oops, that'll probably be more like it.


  1. Hola Vieja Loca,

    Thanks for the free advertising!!! LOL Actually, thanks for showing off my little girl who will probably be happier over at your place rather than the box she was in with her other hostages!! Well, she went to a very good home...both my babies did and I'm so glad, "I'm so glad, I'm so glad, I'm glad, I'm glad, I'm glad..." wow, they just don't write songs like that anymore...been listening to Cream!!! Just need the tye-dye, John Lennon glasses, the bell-bottoms and a joint....ooooopppps, did I say that...never did that stuff...was a good Catholic girl!! I WAS...DON'T JUDGE ME!!

    Anywhoo, hope you get the insurance $$...would be nice, so nice, so nice, so nice, so nice!! Have a great one, ma dear. Going to the movies and dinner with my SM...have to tell you in a phone call how all that came'll love it!!

    Love ya and the goats say "Howdy!!" (they're Texas Goats, after all!!)


  2. Oh no, the vert word was "fochr!!" Just maybe don't go there?????? Too obvious?????

  3. Even though we've winnowed our mail down to the bare minimum since we have to pay to have it forwarded to us, we still enjoy getting snail mail once a week. It's like a mini-Christmas, isn't it? Looks like you got a lot of goodies and I'm looking forward to the tent adventures of GK and Ry.

    If it was a decent insurance policy, there may even have been extra paid up insurance added to the original policy. That's what I discovered with my mother's policy--what a pleasant surprise that was! Perhaps it's a long distance way of making amends....

    word vert: prodame. You would have been prodame today; I didn't eat all the strawberries as I was picking them.

  4. I love La Nuestra Senora Veija Loca! You're such a lucky girl huh? You may still enter my madhatter giveaway! I pick a number somewere at the end of this month :-)

  5. Love your skull and that your mail man is on to you. They do know a lot about us don't they?
    Interesting about the insurance policy. Each state has a fund where lost money goes. I keep checking but no luck so far.
    Hope it is enough to do something wonderful.

  6. La señora vieja y loca is welcome to the Vintage Fairy Tales!
    She would make that place even "mas loco";)
    I hope you all are doing great!
    Pablo is very happy with all the lovely comments he got on his birthday!
    Love you

  7. Love to see you being spoiled! :o)

    I'm happy to be back.

    Send a big kiss to Gerea and Ry from us.

  8. Hi Linda.
    Just stopping by to say HI. Glad to hear your garage sale is a thing of the past. Too much work! It sounds like you had some fun, though.
    How very exciting to receive all those goodies. There is nothing quite like a surprise package arriving in the mail.
    ♥ audrey

  9. Oh lucky lucky you!!! Congrats on winning. I love Georgina and her art greatly. I also love your "BBBB"! Too funny. Oh, and wouldn't a little windfall of money be a pleasant surprise. We won $8.00 in the lottery! I KNOW! **kisses** Deb

  10. Hi Linda!Don't forget to post about my giveaway. That's my only "rule" ;-)


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