Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's back with a side order of oh hell no

Well my lovelies...the pneumonia that I had a while back is still here and it brought a playmate. So, I am at a cross road. Tired and grouchy. You know how much I hate going to the Dr. but I did and there ya go. It got to be so bad I just couldn't finish a task, even the smallest thing. The kiddos are very helpful, and there is only three weeks until they go back to school and SM is trying to be as helpful as his new schedule allows. The kiddos and I are doing lots of sit down it's all good.

I'll be around, sorta, but I won't be doing the Second Star on the Right blog party, or doing much on the Traveling family will take care of the Traveling Tent and then we will send it on to a kinda new blogger that I know you will enjoy getting to know.

Lotsa hugs, Linda