Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's back with a side order of oh hell no

Well my lovelies...the pneumonia that I had a while back is still here and it brought a playmate. So, I am at a cross road. Tired and grouchy. You know how much I hate going to the Dr. but I did and there ya go. It got to be so bad I just couldn't finish a task, even the smallest thing. The kiddos are very helpful, and there is only three weeks until they go back to school and SM is trying to be as helpful as his new schedule allows. The kiddos and I are doing lots of sit down it's all good.

I'll be around, sorta, but I won't be doing the Second Star on the Right blog party, or doing much on the Traveling family will take care of the Traveling Tent and then we will send it on to a kinda new blogger that I know you will enjoy getting to know.

Lotsa hugs, Linda


  1. hugs...hope that you feel better soon...

  2. Hope you feel better soon...sometimes it's your body's way of telling you to slow down. Put your feet up for awhile.....hugs back, Susan

  3. ~uuuggghhh...sending healing wishes and blessing upon you...i am so sorry you are not feeling well and do hope you are able to truly rest and recover gone yuckie thoughts are out there...may only goodness come to be...much l♥ve and light upon you~

  4. Linda, I am so sorry you are still sick. That just sucks! When you get rid of this I do hope that you will be getting the pnemonia vaccine.

  5. I'm sorry this awful ailment has come back to haunt you again. :( I hope you can manage to have just as much fun sitting on your bum for a bit to heal (for good this time!) as you can running around. I'm sure you're just as fidgety as I get when I'm sick so that may be easier said than done... ;)

    Take care of yourself, olde bagg! Blog land isn't nearly as fun without you. *hugs*

  6. Linda...
    Please take care. Pneumonia is nothing to mess around with.
    Get better and we'll see you then.
    Sending good thoughts, hugs and kisses.
    ♥ audrey

  7. Being sick sucks! I do hope this pneumonia is gone very quickly - take good care of yourself. And make everyone else take care of you too - it's only fair when you are always taking care of everyone else!

    Be well!

  8. Wow it is so hard to suffer a "re do" when we think we are finally well.
    Follow that leopards lead, and rest big time and do what you must to shake this thing.

  9. Love the picture of the leopard! His state of total relaxation is something that's hard to achieve when you have so much going on, but I hope with the aid of your family you're able to step back and take a few moments for yourself. Feel better soon.

    word vert: supsider. Along came a spider and sat down supsider and frightened Miss Muffet away. Man, you've been killing me with your word verts lately!

  10. Oh sorry that you are not need to for a long while...that will help you beat this bug and really recover...we're all pulling for you to feel good again...You take care of others; now take care of yourself so that you can continue to take care of others...Much healing positive energy being sent your way...

  11. you take care of you. well be here waiting on you when you feel better.

    [how is it you can make having pnuemonia sound funny? "...and it brought a playdate." - i snarfed at that. :)]

    love ya!

    vert word: dilias - Skippy didn't like dilias - she only liked people who told the truth. [heh? good, right?] heehee.

  12. linda - i am so sorry to hear that you arent well. pneumonia is aweful and debilitating, i speak from experience. my whole life was turned upsidedown last fall when i got pneumonia as an after effect of swine flu. i was literally disabled from it for over 4 months. all of my healing energy is heading your way. if you can get your hands on some burdock root, either dried for tea, or fresh cut up into soup., it would be extremely helpful. if you cant find it, i will send you some! let me know. lay low for now, and take this time for you. relax,read, drink tea, heal. peace and love, chella

  13. Muchacha, you've got to get just hafta!! Well, just take care and be a slug...and I mean play time, no cooking, no cleaning, no wifey, grandma stuff...just rest. I want you bright eyed and booooshy tail!! I think me needs to make a phone call very soon.

    Love ya and the goats bend their heads in sadness...they miss their loca vieja,


  14. Oh dear, now you got me really worried!
    You MUST get better soon and return more "naughty and lovely" than ever!
    Thinking of YOU

  15. So sorry for only today hearing that, Linda! I hpoe you feel better pretty soon! I'll be lighting a cndle for you, and we'll be here in this chain of love for you! :o) Take care and rest!

    Kisses and love from us.

  16. PS: Just left something for you at my blog, but heal first before taking it, lol!


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