Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not that you'd many other wonderful things to be doing

Hey my darling's garage sale time. So instead of looking at all your recipes, entering your giveaways, crying, laughing and sharing the blogosphere with you....I'm gonna be putting my head down and concentrate on only the sorting of junque.

I'll be back with tales of the doings and pictures of my mountainous piles of crapee that I have sold or given away. Wish me luck, I'm going in for the kill sale.

See ya the week of the 18th....oh'll be mid July then, says The Olde Bagg


  1. Onward through the crap, uh, I mean fog!

  2. Ditto from the comment on your other blog.

  3. Good luck Girlie! Love the use of the word junque btw - seems very vert wordish heehee.

    Love ya and see ya soon!

  4. Good luck rooting through the clutter!

  5. good luck ;-)
    i have another giveaway!

  6. Good luck with the sale, Linda!! I've had MANY garage sales. In spite of all the work, I always had fun doing it.
    Now that I have my consignment space, no need for garage sales ~ still work, though. (:
    HAVE FUN!!
    ♥ audrey

  7. Hope the garage sale is successful!
    So that you can come to France next summer;)
    I would LOVE to see the penguin in her right spot in your home!
    Are the kids practising the penguine song?
    Give them a huge hug from me


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