Monday, July 5, 2010

Old Timey Fourth...........

Here are some of my favorite old timey pieces of the plethora of 4th decos I possess....

I found this little spinning beauty in a junk store

the fireworks display and jumping jack Uncle Sam are from when Shel was little

Lady Liberty convention, I made these 20+ years ago
Check out the daring young girl on the birdie trapeze

This is the first time in forever, I actually went through all the crappe in the 4th of July box and cleaned stuff out. My plan is to gleen every box of holiday stuff I have and sell it all or give it away. I cleaned out about 1/3 of the "things" I had for the 4th. I hope to be able to do that with all of the holiday-arama (I'm not a hoarder says the lady with the largest collection of holiday crap in the world) I have in the garage in huge blue plastic containers.

Do you remember on Sesame Street where Ernie and Bert talk about the milk bottle top collection that they have to find a place for? so they put the fish in a something else and the use the fish bowl and on and on. I'm am weary of my life being like the something else in the story....always too much stuff not enough places to stuff it. And ya know what was the catalyst for this enterprise? The Mad Tea Party junque. Where to put it afterwards.....Seems like a few gathered together things that I wanted to keep together would be a no brainer. And it was. There was no more brain to handle to overload of stuff. Can you say GARAGE SALE. And then can you dial a charity quickly before the damnable stuff grows legs and crawls back into the garage?

Again I hope you had a Happy 4th ya'll.


  1. So many things I don't do and holiday decorations is one of them. Put em up, take em down, store em, put em up, etc. I love to look at other people's houses.

  2. you have so many wonderful little trinkets for all the holidays... I love it when you show us such things

  3. Just pick your favorites and the others shall become someone else's favorites.

  4. Hi Linda. Happy week to you. Maybe you should have "giveaways" with all the things in your box. Maybe someone else would like to have it if you don't want it. Anyway, I just stopped by to say hello and hope you enjoyed the 4th. Take care senorita.

  5. LOL, This sounds way to familiar.

  6. Amiga jus' tooo foony, lady!! I used to have lots of 4th of July stuff, but gave it to Andria and have never seen it since!! So when Shelly moves to her own place someday, just hand it all over to her! LOL

    I have oodles of Christmas and Easter stuff, but not ready to disburse or sell yet. Most of my Easter decos I purchased in Germany back when I learned about the Easter Bush in that country (ok, Linda, get the brems out of there)and many of my Christmas ornies are also from Germany and other European countries I visited many, many moons ago. So none of that stuff is going anywhere, anytime soon. I guess I'll just have to accept I love stuff!!

    Glad all went well for the too, amazingly. You know I wasn't looking forward to it, but thanks for your ability to see and appreciate laughter when none was there, I went in with a whole different attitude!

    Love ya muchacha as do our leetle cabritos,


  7. I really have a hard time getting rid of holiday/seasonal items. I'd rather get rid of my couch and kitchen table, and have more display room. What's a collector to do?

  8. I have way too much stuff also! I collected everything in my life,but its time to clean out my appartment and make place for my clay creatures,hehehe! But also sell some and give some :-)

  9. Out of all of my mother's Victorian/antique Christmas ornaments I kept one (I call it Sputnik as it is a wire wrapped frosted globe). Living as small and simply as we do with no wall or shelf space, I simply let go of my holiday decorations. Now if I had a house.....


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