Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spit and Vinegar

Of course he couldn't say no, wouldn't say no, has a heart as big as they come. How could he say NO with 6 pairs of eyes (including the other dog) staring at him and this question posed....."do ya love her already Papa, cuz I can tell she likes you?"

Then Sweet Man posed the questions he has been asking for 30 something years...."now what are you going to do in order for us to successfully keep the dog?" Gerea......with a long list including the giving of food, water, clean up no matter where the mess, etc, etc. Ry..."I'm going to watch her grow up to be the best dog ever." "Yes but what are you going to do"?   "uh, play with my toys". So there you have SM's homecoming on the 4th.

So there is officially a new member of our household. We found out from her previous owners...and that is a whole 'nother kettle of fish heads, that she is supposedly a Shiz Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier. I don't know for sure...I guess that would make her a Tsukie. And she will let us know what her name is in time. The folks before nemed her Leia as in StarWars. I think she looks a little like an Ewok but no huge buns on each side of her head.

Some of the names we have bounced around are Bert for Liberty, Indie for Independence, Sparkle, Zuzu, Sosa, Snark, Widget, Nod, Scootles, Sassafras, Ellie (Ry's contender) or whatever will be, will be. Update on this date....her name is Ms. Ellie Mae Scootles of Cibola County, fresh off the big rez.

It was rather embarrasing 4th of July night because the folks who threw her away were there with their kids at the party. We walked in and they started bitching about us being there and making them look bad in front of their kids. Well, let's see who are the ones who couldn't keep her cuz she chewed too many things and could not be trained? The dog is 3 1/2 months old for goodness sake. She's a .....let's chews (haha) our words carefully, a puppy. I used the word threw her away because..............she is the 5th dog they have gotten rid of in the past 6 months. "We just don't seem to be able to find the right indoor dog". Oh potty mouth has a how long list of things they can do with themselves. Then their kids told us that one of their Rottweiler's had tried to get to the puppy and kill her so their Dad had told them he just put her out by the side of the road. When I heard that.......my heart just sunk for those kids...how horrible to have that as a role model for treating animals and others as though they are disposable.

But for "what's her name", score....she landed in doggie heaven, calm assertive potty mouth training, 5 humans at her beck and call (yes SM already) and another dog who wants to play with her and a cat who will teach her everything she needs to know about avoidance tactics and survival training. Right now he (the cat) is teaching her how to stare and give that eat s**t and die look. But this too will pass, in time.

Thanks for all the encouragement my lovelies....I love your big hearts.


  1. She is just so darn adorable, I can see some big pink (or whatever color) bows on her ears.

  2. I suspect there are many big hearts in your household.

    Thank you for saving one more.

  3. She's beautiful. I too would have brought her home immediately. No doubt about it.Have fun.

  4. Oh my, what a face!! Frankly, I like the name "Tzukie!" Hmm, ya wonder about people who can't seem the dog that quite fit to them...and you don't adopt a puppy and expect it to be instantly potty trained. I will say they're easier to train than a child, but come on folks, get real or "reals" as a friend of mine says!!

    Anyway, I'm glad she found a great home!!

    Love ya,

  5. Ellie Mae lucked out this time.

  6. That little sweetie is too precious. Those people who dumped her should not have pets. They don't value life and seem to be terrible role models. Yeah, I feel sorry for the kids too. Good on you for sweeping in and making Ellie Mae Scootles your own precious fur ball. She has a loving family now, and that's how it should be, how it was meant to be.


  7. You know it is the cutest little thing, I can't imagine just tossing them and I agree with you about the role models....lord if I were their child I would be hoping I was not next...poor little souls. hugs to you. thanks for the lovely comment on my blog today. take care.

  8. You made them look bad by being a good, kind and caring person?? Maybe they should have bad mouthed themselves right out of that party.

    It's good to know that this beautiful little girl is in a happy home where she'll be loved and taught and spoiled to her heart's content. Thank you and yours for taking her in. :)

  9. All I can say is it's a good thing you were at that party to show those kids what good people do.

  10. If you don't name that dog Benji I will be completely disappointed! LOL - she looks just like the movie dog [with a bit more white]

    Thank you for taking her in. Those people should be reported and not allowed to adopt anymore.

    Congrats on your new pup.

  11. You sweet darlings!!!
    You are making even this old Crone go all misty...what are you like?

    Good for you for being such a lovely family...not that we ever thought otherwise...

    So...what's the name going to be then...have the sprogs decided?

    I think Pookems sounds nice...but it isn't very witchy...
    How about Lucky...for obvious reasons (ha ha)...maybe not...
    As you can see...my naming talents are quite limited!

    So my darling girl...how are you?
    It's been...like...forever...
    (Did that sound too "American"...he he he...

    Give Lucky a big kiss from us lot up the mountain xxx

  12. Those are the type of people who shouldn't have kids either. Kids are such a mess and a hassle. You need to feed them every day and let them out now and again as well.
    Bless you for taking in Ms. Ellie Mae. She looks like the type of dog that will love you back unconditionally.

  13. Hey Linda! I put a wrong link to my blogshop :-( i forgot some words,hahaha!
    the link works now!

  14. Oh my Goddess Linda! She is the cutest little thing! I'm so glad she has a decent proper permanent home now! Bravo!

  15. you never know where your next friend will come from ....she was obviously meant to be yours. She found you....you found her....exactly as it was meant to be....The poor sods that didn't want her...not very highly evolved! ( that's my biggest put down)

  16. hi Linda - you are so sweet! Thank you for coming over to visit my blog, and i am so happy you enjoy my little home. I used to live in Pecos many many moons ago, that is very close to las vegas, that is very witchy country out there! now i live in cundiyo, which is on the way to thruchas. so pretty. do you live near grants? only a true new mexican could truly understand your dilemma with your new RES dog. There is a prevelence of disregard for animals here in nm that is horrific, but LUCKILY there ARE angels like us out there who love animals and bring the light out of that darkness. goddess bless you and your new family member, whatever her name may be. peace and love, chella, i am so pleased to have met up with you!

  17. The saddest part of this story is that the family will get another dog and another and another...ad nauseam. At least this time around one tiny little puppy will have a safe haven and loving home. Hugs to all of you.

    word vert: ceprourl. Totally stumped on this one. As Skippy would say "negative points."


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