Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tinkertown Express

We took the grands on an adventure to the Sandia Mountains which are the eastern boundary of ABQ. You have to drive thru the canyon named Tijeras (which means crossing or cutting, scissors) to get to the turn off for Sandia Crest. Sandia is the Spanish word for Watermelon. At certain times of the year at sundown the mountains do infact take on a pink glow like the melon they were named for by the Spaniard Conquistadors. The mountains to the south of the Sandias are named Manzano, which means they do not look like apples but the stands of wild apple trees were plentiful.

Up the road to the crest is a funny little museum run by the nicest people. It has a great and appropos name Tinkertown. The whole place is tinkered in the best sense of the word. Every square inch of the sprawling complex is covered with something....wonderful somethings. Miniature everythings. Bottles, bottlecaps, thingies of all kinds and configurations.

If you stayed there for 3 days, I don't think you would every see everything. The pictures really don't do it justice. One whole area is dedicated to a western town, complete with Willy Nelson music. Another is a huge display of circus everything from the Bearded Lady to the elephants and tigers. Collections of swords, smaller museum collection were bought and saved for posterity. It is a jewel just on the other side of the mountains from us.

And the grands want to go again, and I do too.


  1. How fun! Looks like an amazing place and your grands are adorable!

  2. Have to agree with Marlene. Beautiful children and a whole lot of fun in that place, eh?

  3. That is one place still on my list, as is Taos and Sante Fe and seeing the balloons being filled at night in ABQ. Lots of reasons to return and visit, right?

  4. ~a childs haven...must have been great fun for you all...i am always fascinated by the things people come up with and create...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. Love the museum...looks like lots of fun and whimsy!! Hey, my honey and I just might take drive up your way in a few weeks. We need to get out of Dodge and we always like going up to Albuquerque and Santa Flush. Also, take a trip past Belen, beyond the Indian rez to our favourite winery. Will keep you updated. I told you my New Years resolution was to meet you and yours before 2011!!

    Love ya,

  6. Oh, what fun memories! We lived in Tijeras (actually way up the Manzanos) for a few years and often drove by Tinkertown on our way to Sandia Crest! We never actually stopped in... Maybe when we visit again some time! Enjoy ABQ for us! We miss it!! Silke


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