Monday, July 26, 2010

A very talented sculptress is having a giveaway...lookee

My sweet friend Donna of So Dark So Cute is having a giveaway.

I met Donna through Mrs. B about 8 months ago (isn't she gorgeous???).....I won a wonderful ghostie doll from her then and it came to live with GK with her other gothy dolls. Donna has only been working in clay for about a year....but oh my gosh.....she is so accomplished in  such a short period of time. The title of her blog should be So quick so talented. Check our her site and hurry because the giveaway ends soon.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, i will go take a look. Just enjoying your jukebox music for now.

  2. Hi my dear Linda! You won again! I'm so happy cause i kinda hoped,hahaha!
    If Michelle doesn't choose a necklace, wich one do you want? cause there are 3 different skellys ;-)


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