Saturday, July 17, 2010

whew....glad that's over

I listed my Yard Sale, (so called because last time I had one of these selling extravaganzas, I called it a Garage Sale and several people wanted me to open up my garage so they could shop in there too.....sheeshzzzzzzz), on Craigslist. In my area it is the best advertizing besides the flourescent yellow poster board signs we spread throughout the surrounds. But this time because of blogging I guess, it's as good an excuse as any, I was very verbose about what I had to sell. I also advised that early birds will be shot.... You know as a left handed warning (no offense to lefties) to those that feel the need to come at 6:00 o dam clock in the morning when you say you are starting at 8. I know the early bird gets the worm and that dealers want the best stuff first and that old woman like me can be a danger if I warned them.

We had a very successful yard sale, reaching our monetary goal by 10:15 in the morning and selling a lot so that the trip to Goodwill was not but a one carload affair. We had wonderful conversations with really nice people and chatted with neighbors we hadn't seen in awhile. Gave away toys to cute kids who bought one and I gave them bunches....I just love to see their faces when they score big. Gifted some folks with other things that they were longingly looking at and put back....I know  that feeling and I am hoping someday someone at the jewelry store is gonna see that and reward me but I have a feeling I aim too high. tee hee. I also got to spend the day with my best friend SM and share the shade, some tea, some laughs (I forget sometimes how much he makes me laugh, he's a bigger bitch than me) and get rid of crappee or junque that we both wanted out of our garage. That's all the good stuff and then....(cue music from Jaws).

Let me clue some of you in that I do not speak spanish well, I do however understand it fairly well. My Dad who was 6th generation conquistador blood spanish) didn't want me to learn how to speak it, my relatives all spoke it, so that is the how and why. Anyway back to the subject of the attendees of my garage sale who are hispanic, latino peoples. I know I look like a "gringa" (white girl) and it has been from the time I was young such fun to let the chicanos do their put down jibberish and then speak to them in "spanglish". I love the look on their is sorta like "oh shit, did I say that in front of this beaaotch." And I smile with my white girl face and nod in understanding. Don't play with me, mis primos. Act like they don't understand me until they get that I understand them and then they speak to me in English...huh, what, shut the door?????? I am never disappointed unfortunately. 

That's always fun. And then there are the insulting folks who make rude comments, want to shame you into giving it to them because "this isn't a retail store". Says I, "Uh, yeah but I can throw it away and not argue with you and feel better". And yay for me, the bas***d left. Now that hurt my feelings, not. Because a really nice lady was next in line and kinda looked at it and asked the price and I said "free because your momma taught you manners". You know that poem, when I get older I will wear purple? We'll since I've gotten older,and I am in my own front yard, and it isn't illegal or hurtful, I can do what I want. (sticks out her tongue and gives a hugeamongous raspberry). At least SM was amused. He says I never fail to shock and awe him sorta like a percussion bomb. Yikes.

I have to take a valium day. I am like Ry...too much peripherral stimulation is destructive to my ability to cope. I hate yard sales. I hate getting ready for them, I hate hauling in and loading out, I hate facing the amount of junque I thought I needed to have (it's embarrassing), I hate facing my own icky feelings about the whole mess. And yet....hallelujah it's over. Oh, I'll take some stuff to my friends on July 31st and bust someone else palotas while keeping her company but it will be a mini not a maxie mess.

And you're all thinking gosh, and I thought she was a nice lady...well I am until the stupid and rude show up and then I am the caped avenger of "oh no you dih ent". Last yard sale I had a sign that read "if you can't be nice, go home", but SM told me I was setting a bad example. Oops.


  1. I hate to do yard sales. Not that I have anything anyone would want. Still. I'd rather just donate the stuff to some good cause.

  2. ~icing on the cake...

    "if you can't be nice, go home"

    l♥ve it and will oh so be using tha {if you don't mind} when we have ours...i have been putting it off for atleast five years...simply out of fear and denial that i truly have that much to let go of!

    people are people and always will be...yuck are those who can be so bold and rude...glad you told him what he could do and then in a tiwst showed your sweet compassionate side...the wonderful part of you...well i am happy you made it through this EVENT...sane and a little richer not only with money but also with is easy sometimes to forget the one we truly l♥ve! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. faerwillow: don't be afraid, get rid of the stuff and tell me when and I will stand guard for you spiritually....sick the Old Bagg on um.
    Ellen: you got the right idea. Every time I do this I think never again...could I be part mule....hmmmmmmmmmm.

  4. "If you can't be nice - go home" should be on the list of 50 Things You Learn in Kindergarten. It amazes me how rude people can be at yard sales - and the people that show up early are just stoooopid. No one is going to be out front willing to sell at that ungodly hour [although I guess they think they can catch you at a weak moment while you are setting up.]

    I can't believe you are all finished and have already been to Goodwill - nice job girlie. And I too will be following in your stead when we have our sale. 'Cause if I can't be an ol' bit*h in my front yard why should they? heehee

  5. I've never done a yard sale. Actually, they are pretty rare in my neighborhood and I probably wouldn't do so well. I am a minority in a neighborhood that has become pretty much culturized into a fairly fundamental religious area. My bright colored items and books would not sell in the least. But, I do love going to them and finding little trinkets. I'm so glad to hear that yours went well.

  6. Wow, where were you when I was helping my mother with her business of running estate sales?

    Denny kicked one guy out for bad-mouthing our prices when I was having our estate sale after my mother's death. Told him we didn't need his money or his mouth and not to come back. Yay. My parents had been antique dealers so what we were putting out in addition to the household stuff was some pretty good deals if you were a collector, but people still wanted "gifts". Not my day to be the Salvation Army, folks.

    It's sickly comforting to know that cheapskates/skinflints and cheats are everywhere and it wasn't just me attracting people who were tweaking my last nerve.

  7. Hahahaha...same here concerning "garachi" sales!! Last one I participated was my daughter's own before she took off to Austin, 2 years ago, in fact. Yep, I'm a "gringa looking gal too," (Indios on my maternal grandfather's side and Spanish on my grandmother...father's side are all from Spain) and like you, enjoy it when something is said in blasting them back.

    One very funny indecent was when I was pregnant with Ian, my youngest and last baby. Was walking in the mall a day before he was to come into this world. I was walking with my now ex, 6'5" blond and 2 blond little ones on either side, when I heard a voice from behind me, a little boy speaking to his obvious grandmother and telling her in Spanish that I walked oddly, she answered, "Camina como un pato" translates to, "She walks like a duck." Well, as they passed us, I belted out loud "Quack, quack!!" You should have seen the look on their faces...hahahahaha, a Kodak moment!! I love to especially sabotage workers when doing something here at the house, who think I don't know what they're up to and laugh and exchange comments about how they intend to work less and tell me it's done...I let them know that's not going to happen and to get their a-- in gear and what they're being paid to do!! Cabron--!!

    Anyway, glad your back, my friend...missed you. Still don't know when we'll be heading that way...honey needs to get some good sales under the belt. I will be going to Phoenix next month for the weekend, sis says she's going to spoil me and she's a great spoiler too!!!

    Before I close this discourse, my honey's mother also didn't want her children to speak Spanish...she grew up in the barrio and didn't want her kids to learn...his dad was this tall, skinny Texan, with reddish hair and a big Texas grin. My Dad grew up in the same area and that's all he spoke...was held back in kindergarten because he didn't know how to speak English. I chalk it up to different experiences they had as children. Wish I spoke it better...I'm a big "Pochita," as my grandfather used to call his grandchildren born on this side of the Rio Grande!! LOL "I speak English good!!" LOL

    Love ya and the goats are so happy your back,

  8. LOL, this is probably why I haven't had a yard sale even though I could certainly use one. I think know what you mean about peripheral stimulation - really large crowds - like a festival, or a concert don't bother me too much generally, but I'm not much to be around tightly knit situations like that. I think I am what they call a "sensitive" since I can sense - and unfortunately often absorb - the tension, feelings and emotions of others. Can you believe that I can literally sense without seeing when my god-awful hate filled neighbor is home? I swear I can feel her negativity through the walls.

    We have a large Vietnamese population down here, and besides being fishermen, they own a lot of the Chinese restaurants and nail shops. I know that probably doesn't sound "right" but it is true! When you are in their places of business, sometimes they are having very animated conversations among each other. I always wish I secretly knew what they were saying so I could get that shock value afterward! Alas, I do not know the language.

    By the way, the link at the bottom of your other blog didn't work to get me here. I think you've changed the actually address in the link since then maybe? Anyway, thought I'd let you know that.

    Hope you're having a great weekend. I loved this post! :)

  9. Hi Linda. Always good to see you. I have never had a yard/garage sale. I don't know how to do it?? Just put stuff on the table outside? or waht? hehehehe. I'd probably end up putting stuff out there that was no good and people would not want it. lol Hey good to see you. Have a great Sunday.

  10. hahaha!! you always make me laugh LindaOma!
    If ya can't be nice, get the f**k outa here! hehehe!

  11. Honey just rise above them! And no more yard sales!!!

  12. Sounds like a rousing success and loved your Spanish zingers. All I can do in those situations is listen for my name. My only Spanish is rather ugly profanity, milk and bicycle. I had an ornery Cuban boyfriend when I was a puppy.
    More power to you. My sisters are yard sale experts, me, I may as well just put a sign out that says "free to good home." I under price so much that even the dickerers are embarassed to dicker. Yard sale is a definite talent.


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