Thursday, August 5, 2010

And they just keep a comin'....

Yesterday, I posted on Ye Olde Crones about my sunflowers. Didn't use all the pictures and thought I would share here as well.

Just looking at sunflowers makes me happy. I know, I'm easily entertained. I am a woman of very tiny thought.....sometimes. Normally, I let the roadside New Mexico (not exclusively, lest I offend folks who also have them) wild sunflowers take over the north end of the fairy garden. But this year, cuz that's what the grands wanted, we planted other varieties of sunflowers. Because I am so disorganized and frankly don't give a big one...other more important thinks to think, I do not remember the names of the varieties. These new ones are quite different not only from each other but certainly from the leggy roadside ones.

This time of year, because we are on the flight paths to warmer climates, we have a huge number of birds that are not native to the city. We have these funny sounding little greeny/yellow finches in our yard, that the grands call computer birds...cuz they sound like an error message sound on the computer. The computer birds, sparrows, house finches, wrens and chickadees are having a bird circus in the fairy garden with their trapeze work on the drying heads of the sunflowers. Quite entertaining....see I told ya, it doesn't take much.

The turtle babies are loving the cover that the flower forest affords them and we see them out alot more moving in and around the tree trunk size stems on these 15 ft tall golden monsters. We can't even walk down the sidewalk on that side of the house without having a close encounter of the itchy kind....but that's not a complaint, just an observation.

The whole eco environment on that side of the house is delightful and keeps us busy watching. That is also where our hummer's feeders are and the trumpet vine grows. So yesterday, while taking photos of the sunflowers, mama, daddy and junior hummer kept letting me know, in very physical ways that I was in their way for the chow line. Mama has on a couple of occasions "bumped" my ponytail while I have been taking down or replacing the feeders and added yesterday to her shoo the human routine. She is very pushy, territorial and fits into our ilk just fine. A pushy broad around here is the norm.

I do so wish I knew how to take pictures of the hummers. They are just a blur. But they, the sunflowers, the circus birds and of course, let's not forget my favorite turtles are all thriving in the fairy garden that is so overgrown and hideously "wild" looking (this judgement call made by my neighbors visiting grown daughter. I, upon hearing her, came inside and gave her a royal raspberry, a little passive aggressive eh?). I have let the garden take care of itself except for watering and fertilizing and upon stepping back, having a good think, came to this very conclusion.......maybe that's why all the critters are enjoying the whole area more this year. Hmmmmmmmmmm, surely not another lesson learned. I don't know how much wider my eyes can get, or how much more my mind can handle. Tiddlie ha ha.


  1. I love overgrown gardens! Let nature do what she wants! Beautiful sunflowers :-O

  2. ~can i just say...these are the most amazing sunflower it the bright sun or their brilliant color...or simply the eye and skill of the so happy you have shared these...i am smiling and feeling happy in this moment...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Gorgeous photos. Sunflowers are some special plants. Wish I still had the pictures of mine. Well, I do, but who knows where they are?

  4. Beautiful, just beautiful. I wish they were in my garden. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Neat. I like the closed one the best. Interesting.

    vert word: brans - too obvious, but... We call our girl grandchildren grans and our boy grandchildren brans. :)[Not that we have any grans/brans btw]

  6. I wish I could see your fairy garden in person! Sunflowers in any variety are my favorite and never fail to make me smile =) Your pix are warming my heart over here...thank you for sharing them with us!

  7. What a great post. I often describe my yard in the city as barely restrained chaos. I relied on wilds and natives and let them go through the reseeding process. for awhile I had an big wildflower garden in the front of the adjacent house while we had that. I had somebody complain once and I was given a warning because I had claimed the easement and the ditch with 'do not mow' signs stuck in. the lady that gave me the warning was really perplexed as to why I wanted my yard like this. I told her that, quite frankly, those sterile lawns up to the foundations were offensive to me. I eventually came to an agreement with the city that I could have the easement if I kept the bottom of the ditch and the street side mowed. (even though my ditches never flooded and the water flowed better)

  8. Each year I think, this year sunflowers, and each year I have to settle for other peoples pictures. Great shots.
    As for Hummers, they barely tolerate us regardless of the time we spend over boiling pots of nectar. I don't expect a thank you, but a little less "attitude" wouldn't hurt. They really count heavily on cuteness carrying them.

  9. like you i love the sun flowers and I myself planted some different varieties this year... I loved the different sizes, colors and all... They are great for the birds... and currenly I have a few cut and drying to save seeds for next year. Your pictures are beautiful by the way... blessings

  10. I love sunflowers. I can't wait until I have a yard of my own so I can plant them all over and have a wild unruly sunflower field.

    It's funny, I think I know exactly what a computer bird is since you described the sound. Can't for the life of me recall their actual name though. ;D


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