Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blogging Award from a very sweet lady

It has been awhile, I didn't forget, honest. Nydia, sweet lady in Brazil who blogs at Bringing Up Salamanders gifted and honored me with this award.

1. Thank the one who sent it your way.
2. Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience using 5 words.
3. Pass it on to 5 others who blogs who you feel have real substance.
Thanks again to Ms. Nydia (who has the cutest little dark eyed witch anywhere).
And picks for Blog with Substance are:
Kelly at A Stuffed Life makes wonderful, whimsical bears and tells it like it is
Gail at Familiar Spirits is a real woman, living a real life
Heather at girlichef makes me laugh, inspires me to try new food and is a great woman
Skippy at I Make Soap heals my soul, lights my spirits, shows how a successful Mom rolls
Linda at RV Vagabonds she and her husband are traveling to all 50 states to golf. She has a lovely way of taking her readers along with her, delightful. 

I could have listed more of you and if you would like to claim this award, please do are all bloggers of substance or I wouldn't know you, right????? But of course darlink.


  1. You make me cry woman. Sniff. Don't do that. But thank you so much.

    And thank you for listing others that I can't wait to read. You have good taste ::wink:: heehee

    Love and hugs

    vert word: oarne - When I don't get a lot of sleep I am oarne.

  2. Well, since I'm not blogging these days, guess I don't get this award!! LOL Hey, hope you're feeling lots better and taking care of yourself and those very tired lungs!!

    Can't get vert words the way you have this thing set up, so here's mine...cusa, "Lady, jew neeed tooo limpiar tu cusa!!"

    Besos y cabritos,

  3. Congrats on a well deserved award. I'll definately check out your awardees.

  4. Writing what you feel is why we love reading you! Also We love pics of your puppy!

  5. Thank you, sweet lady =) I got a tear in my eye, too. I'm so blessed to have made a friend from afar like you. =)

  6. I know you didn't forget! I got a cool award too from K and it's on the line to be posted! Thank you for you sweet words on me and specially on my little witch, ;o)

    Love the way you put it, you really and only write what you feel, and that's what makes it so good!

    Kisses and love from us.


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