Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Buckhorn Tavern, San Antonio, New Mexico....ya gotta go there

Sweet Man and I went on yet another adventure Monday. We went south this time to a little town just to the north of The Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge named San Antonio. I have no idea what the population of San Antonio is but it is l-i-t-t-l-e. We have been going through San Antonio and to San Antonio for years. I must admit, to my shame, we were going to the wrong diner...but we have changed our wicked ways and found the true burger heaven.

In this little town is a restaurant owned and operated by the chef that had a "throw down" in the green chile cheeseburger arena and beat Bobby Flay's tushee. Flay didn't even get the real essence of green chile, when instead of Hatch green chile, he used Poblano.....come damn on people. Really???!!!!!

Anyway, I got to meet Chef Bob Olguin of The Buckhorn Tavern (I sorta just jumped out at him and said "can I take your picture?" (the cost is $50 but he let me have one for free,cuz I'm so obnoxious, my words not his) and he was gracious, funny and kind. We had a yummy lunch. Got to visit with Chef Bob and I passed along my recipe for Notcho Momma's Peach Crisp. He's is going to be at an upcoming Santa Fe Culinary event. Said his class he was teaching was full but to come on over to see him anyway. He'd be really scared if I did huh? tee hee

Being the food guy that he is, he questioned my knowledge of the almight green Chile and I answered correctly, that in fact, the chile is a fruit.......and for the winning answer I got that "yeah, she get's it grin"......I just beamed. I mean come on folks, I met the guy who beat the guy and has the braggin' rights and the title to prove it. I scored a super great lunch, a photo and kudos for knowing the green chile mantra.

The Buckhorn Tavern itself is a kick in the pants. So quaint, there is a hand carved Santo style crucifix on the wall opposite the sit down bar and in the back where we sat is a small band stand where I heard the locals really partee down. So many wonderful artifacts of the area, hand painted pictures, sculptures, neon lights. I'm telling ya, for an eclectic artista like myself, I was in blog fodder heaven, brainstorm for projects nirvana, and the woman's bathroom is a trip all into itself. Gotta go see it, I ain't telling no tales.

No this is not the color of Chef Bob, but I had to edit because we were in the red light district of his establishment and otherwise.....well not good. He's a cutie huh?

The Buckhorn Burger that Sweet Man had was perfection. It was not overcooked, still juicy, had a nice flavor, was a good portion of meat and the cheese and green chile were the icing on the burger so to speak. The surprise part of the meal was the fries. They were real potatoes, fried golden, and were a real treat. Unexpectedly fabulous.

I had the Buckhorn Special and asked for Christmas on the side. I have told ya'll before, I do this so that I can pick my poison. No need to pick, both were fantastic. The red chile had such a full flavor to it. Sometimes you get a red that has an after bite....nope just a full, rich, ground to perfection flavor to this sauce. We both had to ask for to go boxes becaue it was too much for one meal and later that night......yep, you guessed it, a repeat performance, yummers.

There is a gorgeous meat and cheese portion at the bottom of the pile of yummy fries in this Buckhorn Special.
This is New Mexico Christmas

I have tons of photos from the Bosque Del Apache including some water turtle shots, the surrounding mountains, and happily my newest passion.....burros. We found a stable at the turn off at Bernardo. They have donkeys, mules and horses. I even took a video of a couple of little burros (burritos) talking to me. I was in donkey braying heaven. They are so cute. (one wanted to come with us in the car but SM said no, sniff, sniff).

OMG, look at that face, she loved me...okay so yeah you can't tell but I read her mind.
Oh well, enough for now lovelies. (and Chef Bob if you got here, thanks for a great meal and I hope you'll try the Notcho Momma's Peach Crisp).

Chef Bob got back with me and the green chile cheeseburger "throw down" on the Food Network is going to air on September 1. Tune in and check it out and watch Bobby Flay go down in flames. hehehe