Monday, August 2, 2010

Lammas Blessings to one and all......

This post is late because I got a new camera...and I lost the feed cord to the computer to download pictures. So instead of sweating the little stuff I am just going to post the verbal picture of my home made sourdough sliced bread served in the milk glass bowl shaped like hands offering you a piece of bread, with a vintage short pressed glass pitcher with dots, filled with water purified at the full moon, a half a cantalope, honeydew, and watermelon all grouped at the bottom of my glass ensemble totem tower. Bread for wheat, fruits for abundance and water because without it, we would have no harvest of any kind.

My altar is set up with our 3 non matching glass sugar bowls. Every year for Lammas I put out our 3 sugar bowls to represent the 3 female beings that are together this year, in this house. Each with a different path but all from the same core, heated by a flame, melted, molded and created for a specific life. We are all sweet daughters of the Goddess but will serve her differently and if we listen carefully and do what we are asked, we too will bring a harvest to the God and Goddess. The whole altar is blessed by the print of the Mother Goddess that I got from The Whimsical Cottage's sweet soul, Danni and completes the altar for the first harvest of this year.

My males Sweet Man and Ry are represented by shafts of wheat and the totem itself as it now has a clouche on the top. Without the male represented also by the water poured into the bowls, the harvest is not complete. And so my lovelies, Brightest Lammas Blessings to you all.


  1. Thank you, and blessings to you also.

  2. Beautiful. Can't wait to finally get a camera myself. I know, it seems like I have been saying that forever. Blessings to you and yours.

  3. I love this Linda. What a great altar and what it represents. Very nice.I've never participated in this. I need to read up on it. Thx for sharing.

  4. I honestly don't understand any of this - but it is so filled with love and joy who can't but helped be filled.


    And doing vert words on your blog is hard because I have to remember it to come back and edit and write a response.

    I have no memory for this. lol....I blame lupy drugs ;)

  5. ~happy belated lammas blessings to you and yours...i still can't get over how beautiful your totem is and happy your family is ebracing it as it should be...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

    ps...i think the box is on its way to you!

  6. Feeling a little like Skippymom but thank you and back at ya.

  7. have missed you sweetie... blessed belated lammas to you as well

  8. Much blessings to you and your familiy Linda!
    I send you the skelly and bone necklace tomorrow :-)

  9. Sorry for being so late! Loved your altar, everything fits perfectly!

    Wish you and your lovely pack a beautiful Lammas time!

    Kisses and love from us.


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