Saturday, August 7, 2010

Personal Penquin

There are moments in life when you are just blown away emotionally. We've all been there at one point or another. Death, life, happy, sad, proud, humble and the best ones come at the hands of friends who just love you in such a sweet way with no strings attached.

One of my internet friends is the very talented and generous Rebecka Ryberg Skott  Becky is a photographer of whimsy and bliss. I love her staging of Nancy Ann dolls, skating monkeys, hedgehogs and other "inhibitants" of The Vintage Fairytales.

We first met when I sold her two soft plastic boy dolls from the 50's on Ebay. It was one of those serendipitous moments in time. She is very personable and we struck up email conversations etc. ad naseum. She was having yet another showing in this fabulous location in Sweden and posted some of her new work. See the photos here:

Becky then told me that the Penguin picture reminded her of my relationship with my grands. I was blown away. Here is this very sweet penquin with her wings outstretched and a little boy (in the blue) and a little girl in pink crochet are sheltered there under her wings. I wept. Such an honor.

Well when I showed the photo to GK she told me about a childrens book entitled Personal Penquin by Sandra Boynton
 We found a song sung by Davey Jones of the Monkees on YouTube and the kids have been driving me mad singing it for a couple of months, practicing to present it to Becky as our thanks for her generous thoughts and the fact that she send us a large signed copy of the photo.

I have never attached a video before so let's hope you can see's so funny.....they look like bobble heads...

Thanks Becky for the love and the honor. Hope you enjoy your tribute.


  1. Oh, how special. What as treasure!!! They are just too cute.

  2. Oh, Ry, GK and Linda!
    This song and presentation goes directly in to my heart! I love you guys, THANK YOU!
    I can see and hear that you've been practising a LOT and I am so proud of that you have had me in mind!!!
    To have a personal penguine is something very special and now I even have a song!
    Love you

  3. How enormously fabulous =) ...clicking through to see the video now...

  4. Oh wow - that is the cutest thing ever! How sweet -and they sang it really well!

  5. Funny and sweet and adorable and OMG how cute. And GK put in her own little touches with the double "I want to be" in the chorus. Love it!

    They were so into it with the leaning back and forth as they sang. They love you so, Oma and try so hard to please!

    word vert: biricate. I need to know when your birthday is so I can bake you a biricate.

  6. Now THAT is sweet. Those kids rock! They just have the music in their bones...that is a keeper!

  7. Totally awesome Linda. What wonderful grandchildren you have. You can tell they are very happy. What a beautiful and precious video to keep for a lifetime. You are the best Grandmother ever. Thanks for sharing Linda. I loved it.

  8. Loved the penguin with the children under its wings. So sweet.
    I'll try the video but my kbps speed is terribly slow and videos are hard or impossible to watch. Here goes.

  9. I couldn't watch the video :( but you do have most awesome, loving grands - and the penguin is a sweet representation of y'all.

    v.w. ladde - Ry is such a sweet little ladde and Gk is a lovely lassie.

  10. Oh Linda, they are the cuuuuuuuutest! And theyre very good singers too! Í'm so happy that i finally see them in "reallife" and not only on your sweetest pictures :-)
    I had tears in my eyes you know....

  11. OMG!!! How adorable!! I love it!!!
    They are so cute and talented, too. They did the best job on this song and I loved the way they swayed while singing. Linda, you are so blessed with these wonderful grandchildren.
    It was really nice to actually SEE them. Now when you talk about them, we can remember their sweet faces from this video. A video I am sure you will keep and treasure.
    Super post, Linda!
    ♥ audrey


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