Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes you're lucky and then sometimes you're Lucky Linda

Just a little while ago, I was a lucky ducky again and won a fabulous giveaway at Deep South Dish  The lovely Mary had this giveaway, courtesy of Macaroni Grill. Thank you very much Mary, my family just loves pasta and I can hardly wait to have an easy night of....."oh well let's just warm up the delish winnings".

I received a lovely pasta bowl/tongs first and then came the heavenly Grilled Chicken Florentine pasta packed in dry ice and we're gonna chow down on this wonderfulness tonight.

don't hate me cuz I'm pretty, just hate me cuz I'm lucky. tee hee


  1. I could never hate you - you are too lovely. But I am a little jealous of those gorgeous tongs. I love tongs. :) And Macaroni Grill ROCKS. There is nothing on their menu I won't eat. I wish I could still eat out. YUM.

    Have a great day and enjoy. :)

  2. you lucky thing... supper already made... enjoy..


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