Thursday, August 12, 2010

This week's adventure or How the hell many days is it until school starts?

Sweet Man had Monday and Tuesday off as his weekend. Makes my head spin. I should be more adaptable than this. Maybe it is because I am un well in more than one way.

On Monday, he and I had a very relaxing trip to Santa Fe, went to the International Folk Art Museum (which just underwent extensive renovations) one of my all time favorites, up on Museum Hill, after which we drove across Santa Fe, not an easy task, but you'd have to experience to believe it, to Tomasita's at the Railyard for lunch. I have lived here all my life and love chile. Not chili mind you but chile. Red and Green, Christmas on all dishes of "mexican" food. But not everyone prepares northern New Mexican cuisine. It is different than southern New Mexican cuisine. In N. NM we eat our sopapillas, or sofa pillows as my daughter used to say as a kid, with our meals. In Las Cruces, S. NM if you ask for sopapillas with your meal they look at you like you have lost your mind. And they serve them with powdered sugar for goodness sake......oh my. (Georgina is reading this and saying yeah so what)

Anyway back to the chile. I have only had my favorite red chile at two locations in NM. The first was at my Auntie Maria's kitchen table and the other is at Tomasita's in Santa Fe. It made my heart sing. I had the best stuffed Sopa with spicy meat and refritos, with white cheese and Christmas on the side. I order my chile on the side so that I can pick my poison. No use in messing up a wonderful entree with the wrong chile. Both the red and green were fabulouso. Muy sabroso.

On Tuesday, we took the kids to the Jemez Mts. to show them where we used to camp when their Mom was small and to the Valle Calderas.

It is the "remains" of a huge volcano. The floor of the caldera is now the most glorious mountain meadow with all the flora of a typical meadow at almost 7000 ft. On the way up to the Caldera the kids saw their first quaking aspen, waded in Soda Dam (sulpur infused water, yikes), forded the Jemez Springs at San Antonio camp grounds, climbed huge boulders at Horseshoe springs, visited Jemez Pueblo and came home tired, dirty, stinky and hopefully a little more New Mexico savvy.

On the way we stopped to eat at a hole in the wall restaurant at the Elk Mountain turn off. Ry could not get it into his head that the things hanging on the wall were not moose anklers. No I did not mispell that. He kept saying "anklers" and just couldn't understand that the photos of the beautiful creatures were Elk not Moose.

By that time in the trip, I gave up. We had already had a battle of epic proportion about snakes and bugs and things that go rustle in the grass. I feel so bad for Ry. We have made huge strides as far as his fears (given to him by example by he who cannot be named) are concerned. He ran through the grasses and up onto a big ole rock and then heard a beetle of some sort clicking....he was sure it was a ratttlesnake. A hummingbird whizzed past his head being curious and he was sure it was a the daylight????? But he left his brain right there when he jumped off the boulder to save himself from the bird. I know that because shortly after that he was wading in the water, and completely missed the garter snakes that were sunning on rocks close by, didn't even see the little fish swimming near him and didn't spot the huge dragonflies having a fiesta above his little blonde head. GK got the "shut it" information in sign language and let him be. He had a ball. That is until we had a casual conversation about fish going to the bathroom in the water he had just been in.....then you would have thought he was going to die of fish pee poisoning......LMAO.

Gerea's best part of this whole adventure was the hidden pool she found and length, width and depth. She said it was a place where the forest fairies gathered and that she would love to stay there forever. It was quite enchanting and it was very hard to get either one of them to come along and continue the adventure.