Sunday, August 29, 2010

Turtle helps friend who's flipped over.

All of you lovelies know how I love my turtles. This is two bloggy friends in the last week that have posted about turtles  Doris posted this adorable youtube video and I thought maybe you'd like to take a look.

and Danni at The Whimsical Cottage went to her zoo in South Cacalacky and took photos. I love that she thought I would love them because I do.

And I have a turtle tale of my own to share. This last week we were out for a late evening stroll and found yet another young lady turtle just walking down the middle of our street. That's two in a week. There was a lovely couple who lived down the block from us. He died about 5 years ago and she just last year but no one had been there to look after the yards or house for some time. My neighbor and I used to swap turtle stories. She had told me that she was giving her turtles to a friend and so I assumed she had.....but the neighborhood has seen many, many roaming turtles in the past 2 summers. Of course I could be wrong but I have a feeling that these are all babies and grandbaby turtles of my sweet neighbor. The house is standing vacant and the gate is open so..........

Here I went from thinking I had given all my turtles away when we were going to move to North Carolina to be close to the kids when they moved to SC, 3 years ago, to having a backyard herd again. My babies I didn't know I had, two from folks who didn't know what to do with them, one I gave away and then got back and now 2 more girls who were runaways. Leave it to me to find big eyed, runaway turtles that need a home, right? The thing is, this time my herd has names that change every day and every time Ry finds one in the yard. He says in his Prince of the World shall be called ________. The turtles just keep on keeping on and ignore him for the most part. Him and the little tale wagger, barks a plenty dog.

psssst....the male turtle in the video (the smaller) is really just trying to negotiate how to get to the female (the larger one). Just a guy thing huh?