Sunday, September 12, 2010

9-12 and the promise

Me too.

I mean, after yesterday I am sorta wrung out too. Not that I am an emo queen but 9-11 changed so many things for all of us.

And I am going to focus on the good. And there definately is good. Or at least alot of what has changed in our lives can be viewed that way if you are wise enough to know that bitching and moaning only makes you tired.

GK and I had a good cry together as I told her the story and shared "some" of the pictures of what happened. At 10 she is not acquainted with the actual history of the day. When faced with the information, which by the way many of us kept from our children so we wouldn't scare them, "the wise one" said now she felt like she knew what the grown ups knew and was less scared about the day. Hey to me that's a bonus. Knowledge is power.

Then she wanted a listing of things that had changed in her short life time. They way we board an airplane. The way we pack things for travel. Appreciation of our first responders, military and police. A better view of the US and our position in the world. How other nations and peoples feel about us. People coming together, strangers if you will, for good. Other people proforming humanitarian acts because of some change in their life views because of that day. Higher level of patriotism.

There is a list of negatives I could list but why.......the news media does that for us.

There is a move to educate our elementary age children on 9-11 but still there are so many that fear that prejudice will be instilled not squelched, fear not understanding, hate not respect. Okay, I'll just say once again that knowledge is power and truth is a leveling agent to growth..Truth not hype. I truly believe we cannot let a generation of children go without part of their past whether they remember it or not. History is important to the present and certainly to the future.

The short time after the awfulness of that time, the best was brought out in thoughts are for.....let's find some more of the good and pass it around.


  1. You are right... a lot of good came because of that horrific day. It's just hard to remember because the shock is still with us....

  2. GK has a wonderful teacher in you, wish all our children could learn from someone that cares enough to tell the truth. Children are far better off knowing the truth than left to devise there own story from the bits and pieces they do hear.

    Just had to share that my vert word was equals, how appropriate is that?

  3. Here's a ^^BIG HUG^^ for you and GK! And offcourse this cute little fella RY gets a ^^BIG HUG^^ too from me ;-)
    Love ya! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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