Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Busy time in NM

Busy like bees is what the kiddos and Shel are right now. Lots of things to be a part of and lots of fun activities to partake in. (Dangling participals and all).

For the next couple of days I am just going to post a couple of pictures of the grands and their activities. Happy fun packed Autumn....

Don't ya just love what hambones these two are, pretending in a Hot Air balloon gondola, I love it.

International Balloon Fiesta Museum....lots to see and do. This is the Double Eagle II capsule.
 The Kodak International Balloon Fiesta begins here on Friday October 3 and lasts for 10 days. 500 Hot Air balloons expected this year in the mass assension. It is awesome around Burque during this time, but also a little scary to drive, with people looking up at the balloons instead of where they are going. Ouch.

The Smithsonian Museum had a free coupon offer on-line to attend member museums on Saturday, so the kiddos (all three) went to the Museum to see what there was to see. They will now have a better feel of the events to come. And said they needed at least another 3 hours there to see it all.....after the Fiesta when the 100,000 visitors go home or back to their RVing, hi Linda and Denny.


  1. Looks fun, I would love to see all those balloons.

  2. Always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. Good actors your hambones are.
    Had not thought about all the possible accidents however as people gawk. I'd be gawking right along with them and hope I'd have sense to pull off the road.

  3. I almost had a hot air balloon ride but I would have had to stay married to the jerk. I decided to divorce him instead. Best decision I ever made.

  4. they are growing so fast... where does the time fly... which means we are alas getting older....

  5. We will get there to see it one day! What a fabulous thing that the Smithsonian offered free entrance to its member museums. Denny and I make a point to check out museums wherever we are--you can never learn too much.

    It's pretty obvious the kiddos are having a great time, too.


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