Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do you know what today is?

this is just the most wonderful, not mine though.
Of course you know what day it is..........

Wednesday the center of our week, with the other days balanced on both ends.

Fall Equinox with the sun and the moon balanced on both sides.

Probably the only day, besides it's opposite in the Spring that brings me any kind of emotional attachment to a particular date. You know, when I actually can think and do there's a balancing act for you huh?

I know you're out there in bloglandia thinking where the beep is she going with this one, right? Well, just so I don't disappoint or annoy you more, I'll explain. There was a priest, a minister and a rabbi.....not that's not it.

Through careful and totally unscientific research in Casa de Cuckoo, we have discovered that certain days hold clarity for certain members of the household. Nah, has nothing to do with the alignment of our stars or the pull of the tides, just that each of us has our "comfort day". One in which we feel the best. Shelley loves Monday, day off, we have time together, yay. The kids like Wednesday, get out of school early, play in the yard until dark, yay. SM has to pick a day cuz his day off changes every week, Boo. My day is usually Tuesday because it's Marlene Dietrich day......"I want to be alone." Yay

And somebody's been screwing with my day. I'm not naming names but his initials are Sweet Man.

For the last million years, he has been available and underfoot. One good, one not so much. But I knew he was safe and I knew he would be home to sleep next to me at night. Okay so that's sounds selfish and it is. So there. His new job is taking my brain and straining it through a sieve and yes I am grateful that we have a paycheck. He doesn't leave the house until 1:15pm and doesn't get home until after 1 am. So I am trying to spend time with him when I should be doing "things" around the house. I am doing "things" around the house when the kids get home and that's not the easiest road to drive. And I am going to bed alone and being able to sleep.....I hoo so sad get over it and down the road. But honestly, I've hiked my BG panties up so much lately that I am not sure how to walk anymore. Chapped hiney takes on whole new meaning.

Oh yeah, back to thinking. After all, that was the topic du jour. So I have looked forward to Fall Equinox every year of my life because I love balance. I am one of those symmetrical kinda gals....not asymmetrical......bugs me. And my life is a little less than symmetrical in so many different ways and then it hits me. And yes I do mean a thought!!!!!!! I do have balance. I do have harmony. I do have the ability to live through this insanity. I can bitch and moan to ya'll and feel better and get on down the road big time.

Hey touchdown on the balance I gotta go do the "things" before the grands get home so...............



  1. And a well balanced equinox to you too.

    doncha just hate it when someone screws with your system?

  2. What awful hours to work!!!! No wonder you are upset. I would be too. Hoping you have a wonderful equinox. Blessings to you, my friend.

  3. YAY for the Fall Equinox. :D My favorite time of year.

    I know what you mean about not being able to sleep when SM isn't there and if you do doze off it is a light slumber waiting for the sound of his key in the door, isn't it?

    Well I hope that problem is solved soon [for your sake] - and that you have a wonderful fall. Hugs & love darling.

  4. Happy Autumnal Equinox to you sweet lady...Life is weird...I'm seeing webs lots of places this morning and I have one scheduled on my blog also...wonder what they're trying to tell me...I'm full of cobwebs??? guess I better clean house, eh?

  5. ~ooohhh chapped hinies are no ease with those big girl panties!

    i often wonder if life will ever be normal...then one can wonder well what is normal...what it is for one is not for another...may balance be within you adn felt each day to keep you moving and on your brighter side! wishing you a magical mabon and bright full moon blessings to you and have so much to be thankful for and i know you know that...hopefull one day soon his hours will be switched and you can go about as you did...much l♥ve always to you~

  6. Is there anything more balanced than a spiderweb? Or more magical in its proportions and dewy beauty?

    As one whose life has been thrown all killywonkus I can sympathize. There are times when I want to scream (and instead my back goes out--way to take it out on yourself, body!) Breathe, enjoy that special time that is fall and just think--Halloween is coming!

    word vert: disitae. Disitae for me to quit bitchin' yet?

  7. Good grief, what abysmal hours. I guess in this economy work is good but gol-ly.
    Hope things get back to normal but until they do, keep trying to balance that egg on its end.

  8. So glad to have been here to listen, and yes you are welcome and can vent anytime you like. Happy Fall Equinox (yesterday), so I am slow - sue me.

  9. oh happy fall E to you too! love that cobweb shot! just beautiful!!


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