Thursday, September 2, 2010

The drive to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

If you every come to visit NM and I hope you'll look me up if you do, you must go to Bosque del Apache which translates to Apache Woods. The Apache in the area, long, long ago would use the bosque as a hiding place to rest and recuperate between raids on the surrounding other native settlements. It is a gorgeous area and with the Government intervention has become a major stop for migratory fowl on their way to wintering grounds. There are corn fields and sunflower fields planted in this area and along the Rio Grande River specifically for the birds. The drive down was very colorful and relaxing.

You cannot believe what it is like to have the sky filled with thousands of white snow geese, canada geese, whopping cranes (for whom the bosque is responsible in part for getting them off the endangered list) and sand hill cranes. Literally the sun is blocked out. Kinda gives ya goose bumps (all puns intended). The Festival of the Cranes is a huge deal in Socorro and the surrounding area. I included this official link so you could have a look see.

Anyway SM and I went when there was no people, very few large birds but the vegetation was spectacular. We have had so much rain in this area and the trees, grasses and wildflowers are happy, happy, happy and show it. We saw eagles, falcons and hawks on our drive. I guess they are waiting for the arrival of their prey as well. We also saw coyote, a momma deer and her fawn frolicking in one of the farm fields that are set up like blinds so you can see them but they don't really notice you, porcupine, signs of beavers, blue tailed ducks and signs that warned us to not wander off the paths because cougars had been sighted. I guess we were pretty safe because we had no young men with us....that's a joke ya'll. I was a little apprehensive because cougars would love to have a chubby, can't run fast old broad as a meal and so we behaved ourself.

We did get pictures of pond turtles basking and the strangest fish behavior I have ever seen. In the marshland loop of the Bosque they have a bridge that extends out and across a fairly big pond. The pond is murky and so perfect for frogs, dragonflies, turtles and fish. The fish were "grouping" for a better word and were quite aggressive to get whatever "things" they were going after in the water. Strange.

I love the time we have to do these day trips. Exploring our own backyard, so to speak. Next adventure, we are heading east and hope to find some Eastern New Mexico turtles to photograph.


  1. What beautiful scenery. I had heard about the sandhill cranes making a huge appearance. I love those birds, especially as they fly ever so high and honk constantly.
    How smart to enjoy your own area that way. I do that here in Arkansas with "tank of gas" trips.

  2. The countryside looks so beautiful and inviting. Nothing like what I expected it to look like. The photos are great and I love the turtle.

  3. Linda, this place is breathtaking. I would love to come there someday. If I could just talk my DH into a looonnnnggg drive. (I DO NOT FLY anymore.) Besides, I love seeing the scenery along the roads on road trips.
    How wonderful that you have places like this close enough to visit. There are SO many beautiful places right here in our country. Sometimes this beauty is right in our own backyard. We just need to take time to look and appreciate. And dream.
    ♥ audrey

  4. Wonderful area...need to go there someday..hey, when I go visit!!! Now there's a plan!!! We just might have to do the meeting half way thing...what's in Socorro??? How about TrC....lots of galleries there. Anywhoo, glad you're getting out and having some "SM and Me" need it and deserve it!!

    Love ya,

  5. Gorgeous place! New Mexico is definitely on my list of places to see.


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