Thursday, September 23, 2010

First full day of Autumn 2010

Don't you love it?

You're sweltering, or have a sweater on and some other fool is going on about how lovely the weather is where they are. I am said fool.

What's even stranger.....knowing that I am not talking about current events to some wonderful folks who are on the other side of the equator. Hi Nydia & Davine. I mean these folks are wrapping their minds around spring for goodness sake. In the South you're still baking, hey Mary, Gail, Ellen & Georgina. In the Northwest, rainy pictures with a nip noticed in the air are happening right now, howdy Marlene. On the East coast .....well I'm not sure if you've got the tail end of the hurricane wet or what, Skippy, Linda, Audrey and Danni. And when I'm talking about my day...I'm talking about it at night to Cee, Donna & Julie.

But here in my corner of the big wide world at this very is sunny and about 85 with 20% humidity and I don't have anyone home bugging me and I'm gonna sit on the porch and wonder....hmmmmm I wonder what my lovelies are up to.

If I didn't mention your name, it's not cuz I don't think about's cuz I'm old and can't remember where you are in the real world. All I know is that I enjoy our time together. Now go play in the fall, ya'll.


  1. We are going up close to 90 tomorrow. Today it is in the 80's and humid. It's dreadful for the first full day of fall.

  2. Hey OB, you could list me next to Marlene, we are both in rainy Oregon. Thanks for your comments on my blog and give Sunny Bunny Boo Boo head a nudge from Charlie and Rocky. Happy Equinox to you and everyone everywhere.

  3. I love you so much - you can make weather sound fun! And it on the east coast it is sunny and [trying to make up it's mind] between 40 in the morning and 90 at 4 pm. No kidding. We already have our scarecrows out for the fall but I am waiting for the days to dip below 80 before I go full bore into all of my decorating. [The trees are still pretty green right now].

    We are starting off fall with a bang tho' - Wallene brought home the first cold of the season and proceeded to give it to me and Dad. heehee

    Enjoy your quiet afternoon [and I hope you aren't still coughing. :D] Hugs and love.

  4. it is a beautiful fall day... cloudy and blusterly with the feel of colness coming... I simply love it.... the flowers are all a bit more at attention as the heat is not driving their wee heads down for shade... Fall is finally with us.... I simply love love it...

  5. Yes, what a differences huh? At the moment it's 13.20 in New Mexico, and here in Heiloo it's 21.20 :-) You're 8 hours behind me Linda!
    Maybe you have some luch at the moment? I'm having a late dinner(broccoli,fried potato's and salomon from the oven.)
    Have a nice day dearie!

  6. Enjoy your weather and your time. Cool and wet here but hey I get roof trusses tomorrow so all is good.

  7. Today was the first real day I felt the coming fall in the air. Oh we've had an errant morning or two with the hint, but today, it was all day, even when it got hot in the sun.

  8. Linda-
    I am amazed that the weather has cooled off at all up here in Maine...but it has and in the last two or three days the leaves on the trees have all started to change....temps are cooler...I love the fall....which we could skip the winter though!

  9. Florida here. Still hot, still muggy. Though I do sense the faint spark of fall in the air. I'll take it. I'm all about this season. RIP, summer!

  10. Well we aren't cool yet but neither is it over a hundred anymore so all is good. Enjoy.

  11. I just got back from Branson Missouri and it was such a change from hot hot Florida. I miss a real fall.

  12. We arrived in western New York (visiting the grands) to people sitting around campfires and a bit of a nip in the air. Gosh there's nothing that smells better than a campfire or burning leaves in the fall!

    Around here, that means it's time for picking apples, drinking mulled apple cider and making applesauce. Are you hungry now? :)


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