Thursday, September 23, 2010

First full day of Autumn 2010

Don't you love it?

You're sweltering, or have a sweater on and some other fool is going on about how lovely the weather is where they are. I am said fool.

What's even stranger.....knowing that I am not talking about current events to some wonderful folks who are on the other side of the equator. Hi Nydia & Davine. I mean these folks are wrapping their minds around spring for goodness sake. In the South you're still baking, hey Mary, Gail, Ellen & Georgina. In the Northwest, rainy pictures with a nip noticed in the air are happening right now, howdy Marlene. On the East coast .....well I'm not sure if you've got the tail end of the hurricane wet or what, Skippy, Linda, Audrey and Danni. And when I'm talking about my day...I'm talking about it at night to Cee, Donna & Julie.

But here in my corner of the big wide world at this very is sunny and about 85 with 20% humidity and I don't have anyone home bugging me and I'm gonna sit on the porch and wonder....hmmmmm I wonder what my lovelies are up to.

If I didn't mention your name, it's not cuz I don't think about's cuz I'm old and can't remember where you are in the real world. All I know is that I enjoy our time together. Now go play in the fall, ya'll.