Saturday, September 11, 2010

For all those fallen, for those who live without those loved ones.......

Please take a moment.

How could anyone forget.


  1. Oh - I so want to write a post. That day? Oh that day. We don't have television anymore, but I wish that I could see the tribute today. It makes me so sad to think back at how incredulous we all were that it happened.

    Prayers that is never, ever happens again. Take care sweetie. Hugs and love.

  2. What is amazing is what events have followed since that day.

  3. Yes, we will never forget. Our prayers are with them all and their families.

  4. one of the saddest days for our whole thoughts are very much with the survivors and relatives of those taken....innocence lost forever...

  5. I am sure no one could forget the horror of that day.

  6. A day I will not forget...I can still see the people, dazed looks on their faces, the dust and ashes. The day after was so surreal. When I went to work and got off the train, there were no cars in sight...only army trucks with soldiers and guns. I shudder when I remember.


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