Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Lady

I never know when anyone's birthday is. But someone let it slip today so...............Happy Birthday Ms. Thang. See I can be discreet.


  1. Hi Linda! Now i have something similar like your post about someone forgot about you...
    There's still no goddes from GK flying into my window :-(
    I hope you don't mind asking you. I'm not a greedy person,but you told me you guys made me a goddes to protect me and to bring me luck :-)
    I would loooove to have something made with love from GK and Oma!

  2. ~hhhmmm...not sure who the mystery bday girl is...but wishing this sweet secret lady bright birthday wishes for today and all those to come...much l♥ve adn light to you and yours~

  3. Please add my wishes for a Happy Birthday to the un-named one.

  4. Happy Birthday to the mystery woman.


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