Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lunch with the Lesbyterians

entrance to Old Town from the ABQ Museum side

It's funny when you meet a group of woman for the first time and you know you fit in right away. That may be really easy for most of you, but for me it is a new experience as I have distanced myself from female groups for the most part until now. I guess my sorority days and then the churchy woman thing kinda put those kind of gatherings in the less than appealing catagory to me. 

I have a friend who has over the past year invited me several times to the get together lunches of the Lesbyterians. And finally, I was able to juggle getting someone else to be responsible for the grands on a Saturday and get out like an adult, oh surely not. It was very liberating. I drove myself, yes, I can. I was out in public like a real person. I had some laughs and ate a nice lunch and the icing on the cake was.....I met some nice people.
the tilework in this area is amazing

They are a group of woman, all over 2 times 21 plus tax and some are in their 80's. When asked what the group is about, they said they "do no good for the community, only get together to have fun and that's it". Nothing pretentious about this crowd only shared love, laughter and a side order of high jinx. They get together about once a month, share info on their lives, celebrate birthdays if applicable, and have a great attitude towards the shared friendship they have with one another and were very welcoming.

just one of many shopping patios

We went to lunch at an historic restaurant "La Hacienda" in Old Town (the building is about 350 years old. Old Town is a very touristy part of ABQ and is very lovely. Native Americans sitting on the portals sellling their wares, strolling musicians strumming guitars and singing, and folks from all over the world gawking at what is uniquely New Mexican and southwestern. As a kid, we lived not far from Old Town and so for me, it was like visiting a really super part of my past. Great fun.

the gazebo in the central plaza

I think I may have even influenced one of the woman to give blogging a try or at least take a look at some of my favorites to see if she would be interested.

So that's what I did today.

But it looks like I am not posting the wonderful usually edited pictures I took because some idiot file has been corrupted in my Photoshop and well, you know what a non techie I am about the computer. So, enjoy, the pictures of non quality.


  1. This sounds like such FUN! And I love their motto "Do no good for the community" because you know that they are out there being proactive in the community and this is their time to kick back. Woohoo - glad you have a new group of ladies. Can I join please. I am exactly 21 x 2 plus tax [well I will be in two weeks. hee] Take care and have a great weekend.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun and a group of women I would like.

  3. Wow, that sounds like such a wonderful experience. Glad you had so much fun. You deserve it.

  4. What a fun group!!! I'm with ya, sista, not much into women's groups either...too much hissing and scratching!! But you've lucked into something fun and fantastic. Like the idea they do no good for the community...just have hedonistic can you get!!! LOLOLOLOL Wish I could find something like that here. I'm sure they're out there, but just haven't really looked...too busy being a lone wolf and anti-social!! LOL

    I love Old Town. Haven't been there in a while. The last few times I've been to Albuquerque, for clay runs to NM Clay, da hub and I were on other missions. Need to return. I love that tree trunk sculpture of La Virgin...gorgeous!! Maybe we can get away during the winter, like next that time of year there.

    Ok, need to run and get going on my stuff for Phoenix. We need to talk...have a story to tell and no one else will understand but you...pinchi daughters!!! LOL

    Have a great weekend and love ya mucho...goats send their love,


  5. That sounds like a blast! My kinda group ;) And that tile work...wowza! It is absolutely amazing!

  6. So glad you got out to be an adult and had fun. The pictures are great! I love the tile work, fabulous. Looks like the type of place I would love to visit. We have a friend that grew up in Albuquerque and keeps saying we all should go visit there, Just might have to take him up on it.

  7. Some day I will go to Albuquerque. I love that tile. Why are they called "Lesbytarians?" Are they....well you know. Tee Hee. I heard of Presbyterian, but never Lesbytarian. Is that a new church group? The important thing is you got out and had fun on your own. I do that too. Next week I am going by myself to see Eat, Pray, Love. I could go with a girl friend but sometimes I like to do things by ME SELF. Glad you had a good time. Take care.

  8. "do no good for the community, only get together to have fun and that's it". Can't argue with that premise at all.
    Loved that gazebo area.


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