Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Mexico State Fair

Here's another post showing you how busy the grands and their Momma, my beautiful daughter Shel have been and what they were up to so far this last weekend.

The NM State Fair comes mid Sept. GK's dance troupe preformed this last weekend and then they spent several hours checking out the wonders of it all.

Senorita GK & Bro before she preformed at the Hispanic Pavillion

Farmer's, I think not.

Yee Haw cowgirl.

Surprised little buckaroo is Ry.

And we have cheeseheads in NM why????


  1. Your grand kids are gorgeous....and they look like they are having so much fun....

  2. Sweet children having fun. Ah, to be young again. Thanks for sharing Linda. You are always so busy. Take care. Great shots, the colors are beautiful.

  3. They've sure been some busy bees! I love seeing all the things they get up to, it makes me want to seek out festivals and fairs all the more. :)

    Hope you and yours had a lovely Mabon, I would have stopped by to wish you one sooner but visiting everyone in the northern half of New Jersey was keeping me even busier than your grands! ;)

  4. What great little camera hams they are. Most kids won't sit still for a picture much less pose.
    Really cute shots.

  5. Kids are such fun to hang with...looks like the grans had another fun day....Love the makeup darling.....

  6. Looks like a great time was had by all! Your grands are adorable, both of them are going to be heartbreakers.

  7. ~yeah for the fair!! we were both on the same page this morning...hehehe! your grands are beautifully sweet...and amazing the courage she has to be able to perform in front of a huge crowd...always made me nervous to perform...a proud oma {i think i spelled it right ; )} you must be! much l♥ve and light to you all~

  8. Your grands are gorgeOUS! I can haz pleaz? :D Thanks for the smile and give them big smushy hugs from me.

  9. I love those little ones!
    btw... Your package finally arrived today!
    I know why the Goddes wanted to wait and come today.
    Yesterday i was in the hospital to show a strange looking birthmark i have for many years i guess to the dermatologist.
    He said it doesnt look good and has to cut out of my arm as soon as possible!
    Today i came back and he removed it.
    My sister holds my hand and looked what he was doing. She said he cut a very bic piece out of my arm and very deep :-(
    The anastatics still working now,cause i dont feel pain.
    about 3 weeks i hear if everything is ok.
    So i hope the Goddess is protecting me,cause i'm a little scared....
    I try to think possitive,but i'm still having weird thoughts :-(
    Please give GK a very big hug for her sweet letter! And thank you girls so much for this colorfull lady! she's lovely :-)
    And i love the earrings! I have them in my ears now ;-)

  10. It takes a child to show us that it's the simple things that are the most fun.

    Funtabulous pix.

  11. I just love your sweeties! Ry looks the cutest, and Gerea is growing up at each post!

    Send our kiss to them, dear.


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