Tuesday, September 7, 2010

a new project I'd like to share....

I find as I get older that I don'[t exactly follow the seasons anymore. If I get a wild hair say in April that I want to do Christmas decos.....well that's what happens but....because I also have senior moments...by the time that Christmas rolls around, I have no idea in blue blazes where the stuff is. My mind is a terrible maze of fluff.

one of my gnome buddies roaming thru the new mushroom forest

this one is on a teleflora cheapie from the thrift store
However, I think about faeries and gnomes most of the time. Not seasonally but perpetually. It must be because I am so influenced by said beings so much. Anyway, not long ago, I had the urge to create a red capped mushroom that could be illuminated and enjoyed as ambient lighting and so here is my latest insanity. I hope you enjoy.
this one is on an antique vase

And next some something with the yo-yos.


  1. I love them...and the gnome is just perfect with them. The gold pine trees are the finishing touch. Thumbs up from me.

  2. Oh, I love them! I find myself thinking of gnomes and fairies (and witches!) all year long as well so who knows what I'll be thinking of when I get older!

  3. Ooooh. I want to make one. Do you think the ladies at the bank would want one for a Christmas gift? Or would that be a little too Christian for some? heehee. I love them - and honestly don't look Christmas-y for September - he simple looks like he is walking through an enchanted forest where gold trees thrive. :D

    Too adorable.

  4. Just love the mushrooms and how nice for your little gnome to have his own forest.

  5. Those are great! Are the mushroom caps made from bowls? How clever you are.

  6. Hey, I know that dude...his cousin works for some traveling service advertised on television...you know, the little guy who bathes while a harpist plays at the foot of the bathtub!!!???

  7. aaaaaaaaaaahww! So adorable!
    My mom always reminds me of the woodcreatures and than she comes with her book and cards about them. We have to pick a card and hold it between our hands and think positive and than we have to read the story and the wise words of the woodcreatures my mom and i picked.

  8. You made the shrooms? They're adorable!

    You are like a crafty little comment faery.


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