Friday, September 3, 2010

Okay, so now that you have heard from Dr.Wackadoooooooo

I just love the shadow play against the repetitious background, has nothing to do with the posting.

It's official, SM has blog envy. I didn't realize just how strong this feeling of "I wanna play too" was until just a few days ago. What a hoot. He is emailing me his pages for me to proof read and let him know what I think. I think he is much funnier then me and I really ought not let him know that. If any of you tell him, I'll deny it. Husband's, sheeeeesch, you can't live with um and you can't shoot um and get away with it.

So, I told him, just go ahead a do it. He said nahhhhhhhhhh, I just wanna guest on yours. We'll that's not happening. I'm a selfish shellfish after all. So instead, we compromised, and he is going to have his own page labeled "stuft shirts". That way ya'll can check in on him and he can know that he is being to speak. I told him he wouldn't have any feedback but he is sure that you will comment on the nearest of my blog dates. What is this guy, a leech? (like the sucking wormy thing, not the weird perverty thing). Our daughter says this will just up the ante as far as blogging is concerned. What competitive,?????? me, ha I say, Ha.

So after the weekend Mr. SM will have his own page and don't take out your hissing and sighing on's him, remember. I think I've turned into the Travel Channel anyway.

Hey if you missed the Bobby Flay massacre on the Green Chile Cheeseburgers, you can see it on the 11th again. Chef Bob Olguin was so funny on this Throw Down, check it out.

And oh yeah, yet another kick butt dessert recipe in the works. Old Fashioned "what will she put in it" bread pudding. It's a mystery dessert.


  1. Sweet M. should have his own blog!
    Let's see who's gonna follow him ;-) hehehe!
    I sure do! He's a funny guy for sure!

  2. Luckily, Joe doesn't suffer from blog envy. But, he and SM seem to have very similar senses of humor and he is by far the funnier, more personable one of our pair.

    If he and I ever wander westward we should send the menfolk off together, but let them know if they get into any trouble we aren't claiming them! xo

  3. How fun, I think it is kind of sweet of SM to want to join in. I wish my husband would share my interest, but if he did I would become his secretary as he can't type so maybe it's best he stay out of it after all.

  4. ~hhhmmm...don't know how i would respond if mine chose to partake in such!! too funny...shall be an interesting journey ahead...can't wait! you little lady are too much and bring forth such a good laugh which is usualy needed in my day...i look forward to such...much l♥ve and light to you both!~


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