Sunday, September 26, 2010

A swap and a giveaway..............

Before I show you my "booty", oh no last week was talk like a Pirate Day, sorry. Anyway I'd like to encourage you, if you have not taken the join in the fun of swaps and giveaways.

The swaps that I have been in have been really fun and it's always a pleasure to give "stuff" to others. I like trying to visualize what the other person would look like when they receive the giftings. Most of the time the swaps have been around a theme or a thought. Trinkets, treasures, times of year, season, celebrations...all very rewarding.

And then there are the giveaways.....I have been very fortunate and am very grateful for that. I usually don't enter ones where the hoops are too hard for me to jump through. I don't mind giving someone else "air time" on my bloggy, but I want to make sure that it is something you, my lovelies, might find some interest in. Also, I feel kinda weird sometimes, going to a new persons sight and just entering for the prize...ya know? It's like a virtual open house and eating the free food but not really wanting to buy the house. N'cest pas? But when one of you has a giveaway...well needless to say I wanna play.

 So here's what I got in an exchange with Mother Moon from ~serendipity~s Mabon (Fall Equinox) trade. Goodies of the yummy and soothing kind. A wonderful red watch rabbit, a journal and note pad, some yummy peach and triple berry jam, vanilla sugar (my fave in coffee with creme), a Mulberry Clove candle that screams.....fall's a comin' ya'll, and the softest, scrumptious, comfy colored neck scarf....what's not to like. Thanks Janie for your generosity.

And now to a giveaway prize. I participated in the Second annual Second Star from the Right and won one of the prizes for participating. This adorable and very useful faery door. This is one of those Magick doors that allow the fae to have access to your home on their terms. This is really a perfect door for the shy fae, they can have a peek and not have to commit to joining us, right away. Thank you Fawndear for the lovely addition to our believing.

Atop the door there is a quote from Victor Hugo, "There is nothing like a Dream to create the Future". Don't you just love that?