Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update summary on Casa de Cuckoo

It seems like a very long time since I have connected with you lovelies. I have had a guest blogger, history dates to discuss but not the ordinary, "stick in roof of your mouth", blah, blah, blah that you usually get from me.

Maybe it is because I have been reading more than blogging, reading not commenting, just being sorta quiet...but anyway here's everything you didn't really want to know about the new and same old ordinary at Casa de Cuckoo.....

The Puppy. Well, after her totally winning the heart of Sweet Man, she proceeded to make me totally dependent on her wicked ways. I always thought of myself as a big dog kinda gal not a kick me dog devotee....well who knew. It must have something to do with the fact that she sits in my lap, lovingly licks my face and is my own personal flying monkey look alike. She has recently lost her "fangs". I have at least one tooth from every furbaby I have ever had and this was incredible to me that she sat in my daughter's lap and let her pull her teeth. Then she looks up into her face like she's saying, "thanks for helping me, Blonde Momma". SO, the question is, when will we put her fangs under her pillow for the doggie tooth fairy to bring her chew chew bones? The grands say this weekend. What do you think?

The Other dog. Poor Odin has been religated to that name. But in fact Other dog is the lead dog or at least he thinks he is. The puppy follows him around and is his personal handmaiden...too funny. He has no idea that she's the boss.

The cat. Oh he's a pain. I have no idea how we have tolerated his cat behavior for all these years but his crabiness and crankiness is fine tuned and going strong.

The turtles. This is a very strange month if you have turtles. They are active trying to eat as much as they can to put on weight to be able to fatten up for the winter hibernation. We have to make sure to feed and water them daily. The one Momma turtle comes to the back door every day to get a hand out.

The Grands. It's an ongoing love/hate fest between the two of them. They are crazy I tell you.
GK funny: She is starting to develop, the hormones have begun to run rampant. She wants to be a little girl one moment and play and the next she wants to read trashy teen magazines and call her BFFTM (best friend for the moment). Ouch.

Ry funny. He used to be such a picky eater. Didn't eat "green things". We had turkey/zucchini boats last night. As he was getting to the bottom of his portion, he noticed the zucchini and said "hey, Oma, I found the jelly fish in my bowl!!!!!". And ya know he ate it and told me that he didn't know he liked jelly fish with cheese and vegetables. Okay.

The daughter. Is still working too hard but is finding a new source inside herself. She is changing her image (re: Junk Gypsy influence) and I am encouraging her and showing her how to take her junk store finds and turn them into fabulous one of a kind clothing. She's having a great time. I've seen her smile more in the last week than in the whole year since they moved in with us. If you get a chance go see Junk Gypsy and check out what they are it. If I was like 20 years younger I'd be all over it.

The Oma. Hanging in. Health issues. Our health insurance kicks in next week and I will finally be able to go to see about some issues and hopefully get some sort of answers. But then you know how I hate Dr.s. I'll temper my irk and get on down the road.
I'm currently working on holiday items for a shop here in ABQ and trying to get some crafty crapee done for Hallowoonie for the kids. And loving my puppy.

The Sweet Man. Has sent me more stories to post.......but being the snarky old broad I am......well I'll let you know what his blogger site address is after he sets it up.... Am I bad? You betcha. Mine, mine, mine.

The lovelies. Faithful, loving, kind, loyal and funny. Yep, you're my reason for blogging and truthfully this blog is my muse most everyday. Thanks lovelies, have a super one.