Saturday, September 4, 2010

What is the correct and proper procedure????

Not my picture but it is darling, yes?

Please know that I am very serious when I ask this question....for all my bluster, I am a bit of a push over. I find certain situations hard at best, embarrassing and sometimes hurtful, cuz yes, I do get my feelings hurt from time to time. Most often I turn it into a joke but after reading another's blog about folks copying her and then not even thanking her for the idea, recipe etc. I got to thinking about my own dilemna.

I have of late been very fortunate to have won several giveaways. Thanks once again to all of you for your generosity. I guess the stars lined up in the right order. And in one of the giveaways, it was a friend of a dear friend, someone that I cherish. Anyway, said giver let me know that she would be sending out my "prize" as soon as she returned from Europe where she was able to spend time with my friend.

Okay, yay. I was really looking forward to talking to the giver and also seeing what lovely creation I had won, but mainly get the thoughts on her trip. Well that was in July and it's September and I haven't heard a peep. She blogs everyday, has been in and out of town several times. Chats with my "friend" and I have heard nothing.

So here is the question. Do I mention this "giveaway" to the giver or do I just let it go? No, she does not read my blog so this is not the wake up call just in case you were getting ahead of me on this one. I don't want to be unkind or grabby but nor do I want to appear to not care about it for my friend. I am sorta stuck. What would you do?


  1. Depends how good a friend she is, my friend!!! If I ever do that, tell me...remind this ol' brain shackled lunie that I have misplaced or completely lost my honest!! LOL If she's not as close to you as others, like myself, then forgedaboudit!!! The fact that you've blogged and are asking for some suggestions may mean you're unsure about how to approach this since she's not a person of "confiensa." Case closed. And why doesn't she read your blogs??? You read hers!!! Ok, ok, she's a friend of a friend, but you've been visiting her blog!!

    Anywhoo, just chalk it up to forgetfulness, I'm sure...nothing sinister or evil going on here...just a typical brain happens.

    Love ya too much,

  2. Is it possible she mailed it to you and it got lost in the mail? She may be wondering why you never thanked her. Quite a dilemma.

  3. Yes, I would remind her. What have you got to lose? Just politely inquire if the package was insured because you never received it.

    Promises should be kept.

  4. Do i understand that you won something but didn't get anything? Well, offcourse you should contact with the giver!

  5. I would just let it go if it was me. Probably she has just forgotten completely about it after her trip and all. I know for myself out of sight for more than three days is out of mind forever unless I get a reminder or wake up in the middle of the night because the memory popped to the surface. If she remembers and sends it, what a sweet surprise that will be.

  6. I would ask about it in a very nice way.You are very good at words and will be able to confront the situation bravely. Do not be afraid, I repeat...DO NOT BE AFRAID. :D You can do it Linda, I have faith in you. It hasn't happened to me yet, but I would ask. After all you won the giveaway. Have a great weekend holiday.

  7. Ooh, that's a tough one. I had a similar situation recently where I won a pair of tickets to a famous photographer's lecture at the end of this month. It was on Facebook and although I won at the beginning of August, I was told the tickets would be sent out nearer the time.

    And envelope arrived last Saturday with 1 ticket in it. Now I had a dilema, because I'd invited a friend, who had also been in the drawm to come with me. I was panicking that I'd read the comp wrongly, so I went back and checked, but no, it was definitely a pair. I ended up messaging the promoter and saying thank you for the ticket that arrived, but had they changed their minds about the pair? I wouldn't normally mind but I'd invited a friend to join me.

    It turned out that they'd run more than one promotion, but the other was on another site, and they'd mixed them up (guess the other winner got a bonus one lol) so they sent me out another ticket that arrived yesterday.

    Maybe you could send her an e-mail saying something along the lines of 'I realise it's been the summer and you've been really busy with your trip to Europe, but had you thought any more about your blog giveaway back in July?'

    It's tough though because you're basically winning something someone's giving away, and they don't have to. I felt really awkward, but I didn't want to let my friend down as she has depression and doesn't get out much.

    Hope something comes to you



  8. Linda, I would mention it if for no other reason than it may have been mailed and just not received and they may be wondering why you never acknowledged it.


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