Friday, September 24, 2010

When is it gonna be Halloween????????

After Fall Equinox, it seems that the time both whizzes by and drags on. I know that can't be but the grands are already making plans for what they are wearing and that means work for moi.

We will have an entry in the fabulously wonderful Halloween Party being hosted by a Fanciful Twist. There is still time to sign up if you are of a mind to participate. But please don't sign up if you aren't gonna play because well, it's just rude.

GK will be quite the hostess of the party and Ry will be running about yelling "walk the plank and arrrrr". And me, well I'll be behind the camera capturing all the wonderfulness of them. I really am excited about what we have planned. Shhhh, we're not telling. But please come back and visit us on the 16th of October so we can show off our Hallowoonie addiction.

And then the children of the corn get to dress up for their Harvest celebration at school. (I get it but I don't get it. It's like the American people washed all their differences in bleach and now we are trying to pretend we aren't different but all the same. I like difference, I embrace it, get over yourself's damnable Halloween, it's for kids of all ages, it ain't about no stinkin' devil that doesn't exist anyway).

Wow, did my car leave the track on this railway or what? So as I was saying before I had a brain rant. The kids will dress up as something meek and mild to go to a carnival and then on Hallowoonie they will dress up again and we will thrill to the chase of the candy and scariness of it all. So these lucky little twits get to do the dress up deal three times. Three separate deals for GK (cuz girls just wanna have fun), like totally and Arrrrrrr for the matey.


  1. Ah, how wonderful. It's not the same here in the city. These kids miss out on so much.

  2. I love Halloween.

    When my children were small, I asked them every year what they wanted to be and no one would decide until the last minute. I think the last minute costumes were better than the thought out ones.

    I have made costumes from cavemen, complete with fur boots and clubs, to bananas, even made a dog tick one year!!!

    I am signed in but the computer doesn't know it. Gail At The Farm

  3. Love love loves me some Halloweenie! I am glad now that they are all grown [well, Wallene just about] that I am out of the costume making business. I loved doing it but I just can't anymore. Now Wallene [whose last year is this year for trick or treating] is picking something for her and her Dad to be together and then will create their costumes. Last year they were Frankenstein and his bride. Any ideas? Miss GK? One more week and we are breaking out all the decorations I can't wait! YAY!

  4. You are a great gran! really! I wish my Mom would gran my son like you do! Your kids are truly blessed and so are you! My congratulations for knowing what is important, real and wonderful. You are a highly evolved soul......

  5. I don't want to go on a rant either so I will just say, You go Kids! Including the big one. (ER Old One, neither sounds right) Oh well, get over it.

  6. How lucky to have three times the fun. I have mostly lived in the country and really missed out on trick or treaters.
    Have fun kids.

  7. I be the first who visit Gk and Ry's Halloween party! (it's 8 hours later uphere,hehehe!)
    I also signed up for the 16th. I guess i make some groupphoto's of my Dolls like i did with the Madhatter party :-)
    Have a great weekend Linda!

  8. Oh my loca amiga, I love your brain rants. I concur...what's with "Fall Festival," "Fall Happenings," "Fall Celebration." I agree, get over it, you twinks!! It's "expletive" Halloween!!! One of the "funnest" times of the year!!! (yes, English is dead, but I wrote that on purpose...I know the diff!!).

    I won't be partaking in the fun over at Fanciful Twist this some stuff that needs to be taken care of if necessary, so it is best that I not sign up because I don't want to be one of those crap heads that sign up and then nothing!! I had a blast at last year's party as did my honey's grands and all that attended!!

    And as for the devil, don't get me started on that subject...he's a "figament" (sp. on purpose)of some whacky ancient ascetics, poor devils!!!

    Love ya and the goats are getting ready to roam up your way!!


  9. Have fun Linda. We don't do Halloween. In fact we close the doors and turn off the lights. lol No not really, we just don't think of it. How weird huh? Oh well, each to his own. Enjoy and do a BOO for me.:)

  10. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to


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