Friday, October 29, 2010

Carving pumpkins and other kid stuff

This oldie Moon face is from 1st Floor Flat, isn't it grand?

So many of you were kind enough to share info on your own life experiences with Trick or Treating and Halloween celebrations in general. Especially after I shared my info on Beggars night, Mischief night etc. from the History Channel.

I also have a feeling that Halloween will continue to be an ever changing and shifting holiday in it's emphasis. Another bloggie buddy and I were chatting and both of us agreed that so much more "Halloween stuff" is out there, just in the last, let's say 5 years. To me it feels like it is much more geared for adults now. You know the ones  that would like to repeat the magic of childhood and one's who love to party. Nothing wrong with either one of those things. But the kids part is least to me it appears that way.

When my 80+ year old friend was a kid. They didn't go out because of the bands of kids roaming and doing damage. They did have parties or family gatherings with pretend seances and dunked for apples and jumped over candlesticks.

When my brother and sister were young, during WWII they didn't have all that many options for dressing up but when they did it was home made things and they weren't the horror or scary things. We have a picture, somewhere of my brother as Popeye and my sister as Olive Oyl. They also had a community carnival in Tenn. where they were. My mother still had some of the old cake decos and plastic handouts stuck in an envelope. They are marvelous.
A little treat dearie??????????
When I was a kid, it was magic in the 50's, as I have shared with you. The carnival at school with the White Elephant booth, where for just one ticket you could buy the most wonderful "old" jewelry or a dish for your Mom. I am sure that is when I feel in love with junking. The neighbors who actually made you do a trick (a poem, song, dance, riddle) for your treat. The lady next door who would dress up as a fortune teller and read our palms. And the tingle in the pit of your stomache as you walked to the next house, hoping that the woolley boogers didn't jump out from the bushes and scare you.

When Shelley, my daughter, was little, I made all her costumes and revelled in the doing of it. She was Betsy Ross, the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio (that's the year I broke off the needle in my foot) and the most adorable fortuneteller in the world. She loved the Halloween Parade at school and the carnival and then of course, trick or treating. The haunted houses we put on for the neighbor kids and her class mates were always such a kick.

Now with Ry and GK, they are so excited to be carving pumpkins and making ready for being the skeleton cheerleader....changed our minds again and Grumete the cabin boy (at least he was happy with his costume). But they can't wear them to school, haven't brought home one paper with ghosts, pumpkins, and goodness forbid a witch from school. Of course, we also have winter holiday break and spring days off from school. (It's like let's change the names to protect the ruse). They will be having a fall carnival at school though. No scary or heinously frightening costumes will be allowed. And adults will not be allowed in if wearing a costume. Sad but necessary in the world. All the neighbors around here hibernate on Halloween and turn their lights off and don't participate. Curmudgeons I tell you.

Our house looks like you could see it from outer space, we have so many blow mold lights and magical happiness....but I bet just like last year and the year before, we will have less than 20 kids come to the door. At our old neighborhood, which was less than 2 blocks from an evangelical church, the kids would come in droves after their hallelujah carnival expounding the evils of Halloween, to trick or treat at the heathen house with all the lights. The big malls have trick or treating...uh not the same. There are no bushes, no tingle in your tummy, no HALLOWEEN, just candy (which is not the point).

So you make your own magic. We do. That's why we have been celebrating and decorating and story telling and enjoying the season all month long. Because this Olde Bagg just can't get enough of the fun.

I'll post the completed pumpkins and the lights this weekend. Happy Halloween my lovelies.


  1. By next Halloween we should be homeowners and I rather think we'll be in the same boat as you. The only festive house in the middle of a big group of grumps. This month, despite all of our driving around to go to pumpkin patches and events throughout the northern part of this state I've only seen maybe 10 houses with a pumpkin out front and none that I recall had more than just that. It's sad really, how the kids aspect of it is dying out, mostly due to the fear and perhaps some laziness on the part of some parents.

    When I was a child, we only went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and my mom and our friends moms would walk together just behind (not with because it was SOOO uncool!) us. They would have a good time chatting away, we got to be 'on our own', but there was always a hand to hold close by if we hit a particularly spooky house. At the end of the night, mom would take a percentage of our candy in payment and we'd have a grand old time getting tummy aches. Even though we lived in the woody boondocks, we still always had between 50 - 100 kids come by and my dad would stay home to hand out the candy. We didn't want anyone being disappointed.

    Now kids trick or treat at the mall, or in parking lots where they go from car to car to get candy. A lot of the parents I've known say it's too much work to go out with the kids and it's too unsafe to send them alone, so they take them to these events. I can't imagine them being even remotely fun, compared to the real trick or treat deal.

    Sorry about the rant. ;)

  2. The guy who poisoned his own kid with Halloween candy all those years ago put an end to the gangs of kids out for candy and gave birth to the 'safe' halloween party instead. Tho I did go to a halloween party or two as a kid with a haunted house and all. Now, like every other holiday it has been taken over by capitalism. ugh.

  3. Halloween is such fun...either if celebrating the near year or just enjoying the excitement of being something else...

  4. Well my fellow vieja, I'm one of those Curmudgeons!! When I moved into my SM's house, that first Halloween was very disappointing...all the neighbor's lights were off...this is an old neighborhood and many of the homeowners are the original owners, so they're older than dirt! We did attempt to give out candy, the only bright light in the 'hood, but only had a small gathering of children, so the we decided to not keep any temptations around the house, just turn out the lights and head on over to our favorite "meat" establishment, as mentioned in my blog. I do miss all the stuff I used to do in my old house with my kids and the neighbor kids. Later, those neighbor kids came along and brought their kids.

    I recall when my two oldest attended a Baptist kindergarten, there was this huge roar about Halloween and how it shouldn't be celebrated at all...oh pleeezzz!!! We attended the meeting, but we were in the minority, therefore, the whole thing was the school, but all those sweet Baptist children went out that night to collect their booty of candy!! LOL

    Since I've been extremely busy or gone most of last month and this month, my home is dreary, free of any spirits working their magic here, so I look forward to next year.

    Have a magical weekend and take plenty of pics of G and R for us....doing the deed, you know, trick-or-treating!!

    Love ya and the goats are happy their home.

  5. I bet it is a lot of fun to be a kid in your home. Lucky are they that have. It all sounds so exciting! Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories. Just popped in to say you print has been mailed and thanks on the comment for Michael the cat and give my thanks to GK too. Take care and have a great weekend. Awesome stories and I look forward to your Halloween lights etc.

  6. I can only imagine what it must be like at you house, thank goodness you share. Such fun. And to gift us with you talent [Have I said thank you lately/] Can't wait to see even more pics. YAY. Enjoy darling.

    Vert word: sucto - It definitely doesn't sucto live at the Old Bagg's. hee

  7. The animated witch scared the ... outta me Linda! ieeeeeeeeeeww!!!
    Hey! I think i'm gonna sculpt her when i'm feeling ok again! What do you think?
    Have a nice Halloween with GK and RY!
    Show me some pictures!

  8. you do make your own magic! love it much fun!

  9. You know what? I agree with you completely! Just the other day I was talking to a co-worker about how Halloween is simply not what it used to be. Every year I deck out my house and make it as creepy/spooky/Halloweeny(?) as possible and every year I end with almost no kids looking for candy! It's so disappointing, like planning an elaborate dinner party that no one shows up for. Taking your kids to the mall for candy...are you kidding me?! That's what they do here too. It's just so sad that the kids don't really get the full Halloween experience anymore. Sorry for the rant, I just feel really strongly about this.

    I hope you have a wonderful Halloween with the grands!

  10. That witch would have scared me if I didn't see something similar each morning in the mirror with bed hair and no make up.
    Living in the country really puts a crimp in the Halloween trick or treating. Not much reward in having Dad drive you 10 miles for 5 houses. I never get any kids. Sigh.


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