Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Clean out the cupboard, it's Halloween.........huh?

I just love Hilda, she is so......real.
 Had brunch with a dear friend today. Lovely place that serves way too much food for one sitting. I always come home with another meal's worth. I love and I hate places like that. We all eat way too much anyway and most all of the plates that leave the tables at this restaurant have at least a meals worth on them and it just goes into the trash.

Made me start thinking about hungry people and how this time of year when it gets colder and we start celebrating holidays which for the most part have to do with family, food and sharing with others......the guilt factor kicks in and we do something about the form of rescue missions, food banks etc. Very few of us do something concerning hungry folks in the warm months of the year. It's just what happens. When we think of hearth and home ...... there are those who don't have that and we react.

This summer the kids and I participated in a feedathon, handing out sandwiches in the city park where so many homeless congregate. We cleaned out our closets in August and donated all the clothes that didn't fit, we changed our minds about and we could no longer use. Last year this time, we worked in a soup kitchen, sorted canned goods in a mission, and provided tray favors for meals on wheels. So they know that they need to be a part of the answer and continue to ask social involvement questions. But, I was floored last night......when they wanted to clean the cupboard out and get ready for "beggars night".

We were watching a History channel show about the "real" roots of American Halloween. The show depicted hungry children going door to door asking for food sometime in the distant past, because they were hungry. Leave it to the grands to make me smile and cry at the same time. I spent quite awhile telling them that we would do something to answer that need in them.

Most of the other topics of the show I was familiar with except the terror that was caused during the depression by the lawless and senseless acts of Halloween pranks that almost mad Halloween a forebidden holiday. I asked my friend today if she had heard of that going on (since she's over 80) and her answer was "why yes, it was really bad when I  was a kid". It seems that the pranks just got more and more vicious across America partially because of the mindset of the people in such horrible monetary straits. All of this brought about the Halloween carnival (community, church, school), home party and Halloween decorations industries. Trying to keep the young people actively involved in something fun instead of destroying things on Halloween night.

And did you know that Trick or Treat has only been a phrase used in the last 80 years? Also did you know that until 1975 there were no terror masks and this was because of the B movie attitude towards horror films? The movie Halloween is what let the flood gates open on all of the hellacious and scarey masks market.

So there ya go, new info on a not so old holiday. Halloween that is.