Monday, October 11, 2010

Food for the party..........

Obviously, we have already written our story out, decorated for the event, taken the pictures, the hambones have acted out their parts and we made the food for the Halloween Party that we will blog about on Saturday. I thought today I would post our food pictures. Also I want to let you know that because our story has gotten out of control, is a little longer than expected, we will begin our story on Thursday. Friday we will continue and then the party pictures will be posted on Saturday.

So fair warning....we're gonna bore you for a few days culminating on Saturday. This has been more fun than it should have been and yet once again, being the underachiever I am, I am wiped out. But it has been worth every bit of work and fun put into this.

I have decided that I am going to make a book of both this party and the Mad Hatter Party we participated in. That way, the grands, will have our thoughts on the fun, pictures of us doing it and a memory to keep.

Anyway, here's the yummy (all in the eye of the beholder) foods served at our party.

Monster toes with "red" sauce

graveyard cupcakes

eyeballs for treats

the chef's choice for the entre