Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween blog #2 - Time to dress your pumpkins and give them pumpkintude

I have committed to participate in The Whimsical Cottage's "Countdown to Halloween" and also I will be setting the mood for The Halloween Party hosted by A Fanciful Twist.

So in order not to make myself totally crazy I have combined efforts by showing you how I have made the parts and pieces that I will be using in AFT's Halloween Party by posting a tutorial for The Countdown to Halloween for TWC. I know, I know, cheater, cheater pumpkin eater.

So here goes my second tutorial ever.....(be kind and bear with me).

Items you need to dress your pumpkins: lace or fancy organza fabric, contrasting or coordinating fabric for stem, chenille stems for curly ques, black 18 gauge wire to thread through the fabric (or needle and thread), faux pumpkin, glue.

Measure the pumpkin's circumference and the measurement from stem to middle of the bottom. Cut the fabric 1" wider and longer than those measurements. Measure around the stem and add 1/2" and select how tall you want the stem to be.

Glue the stem cover on the long edge and attach with glue to the pumpkin, set aside.

Take the wire (needle and thread) in a running stitch along the long edge of the fabric on both edges. Attach the "dressing" and secure at the top and bottom, glue in the middle to hold the middle closed.

Bend the chenille stems around a pencil or pen. With a dab of glue attach the curled chenille to the stem. I pinched the top of the stem to more resemble a "real" pumpkin stem.

And now your pumpkins have a new pumpkintude. Three snaps.

I found the directions for the great long legged spiders in a magazine and will tell you all about them next time as well as Halloween Fairies, a crown fit for a Queen of Halloween and the inside scoop on GK's choice for the Sorceress of Spiders attire.

Happy Hallowoooooooonie lovelies.


  1. Adorable - nice tutorial btw.

    And that fabric? I LOVE that fabric. I used it in Wallene's halloween costume a few years back [it was part of the cape]

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Crown for the Queen of Halloween...I want it ...

  3. Hi Linda!!!!!!
    My "Queen of Halloween" is very interested in going to New Mexico, she is now living in my cottage and she think that is a dull place!
    Your comment over at "Heenteeth" made my day, you are such a sweet friend Linda!Thank you!

  4. I'm combining the two as well. Shhh.. don't tell anyone I'm cheating at my own blog party! ;)

    I cannot WAIT to hear about your other creations! I'm getting a few wee witches ready to attend, will be making myself the most proper of witches hats, and will absolutely be using this fabulous tutorial since I have a few of those plastic pumpkins around but have never known what to do with them.

    You're a Halloween genius, deary! <3

  5. very nice Linda!
    I'm also in the Halloween party oct 16, but the day after its my date of the Haunted blog tour! (from ms B) OOPS! What should i do? I guess i put it all in one blogpost.

  6. Very clever and nice job with the tutorial. Oh how I wish I were crafty.

  7. adorable... Linda I love them... wanted to thank you so much for the addiction... the green chilli pistachios have become a constant craving.... finally had to find a place to order some of my own... yum

  8. OMG (to take a phrase from the younger set) those pumpkins are wonderful, I love them. The spiders are the bomb (to choose another phrase from the grandkids). Also love your music.

    Thanks for stopping by, the house is coming along quickly have shingles and the electric, plumbing and hvac are in the Central vac comes tomorrow then inspections and then the finish - floors, sheetrock, paint, and installing fixtures. I'll post pictures soon.

  9. Oh, your pumpkins are fabulous! I've never dressed mine up (other than carving or painting)...I may have to remedy that this year :)


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