Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Blog #3 .......the Halloween Trees

I found this really cute small (optimum word for Sweet Man because he thinks one Halloween he is going to come in and find a 6 ft black tree standing in the living room all decked out for Hallowooooonie) prim Halloween tree for a very good price at my fave "good stuff" for the holidays store. I have another small black tree and it has gotten pretty crowded with all manner of Spookie Ookies. This tree is only decorated with the glass ornaments that I have collected. 

I put this one in the dining room area because "we" don't play ball or throw dog toys or lose control of our rockets, swords and other assorted toys in that area. We equals the small, blonde, rather rackishly good looking, but terribly bad at throwing, looney tune known as my grandson, Ry. I just want to protect him from the ugly, screaming woman who calls herself his Oma and gets out of control when she hears shattering glass. Poor old soul, we feel bad for her.....tee hee.

So, along with the feathered boa and spidery netting, there are my sista witches, spiders, ghosts, punikins and other family members of the Halloween denominations.

The older tree is in the breakfast room, to the delight of the grands, where they can enjoy the seek and find for the Halloween pickle. What, you've never heard of the Halloween pickle? Well it's a very old German tradition...the first child on Halloween morning to find the pickle on the tree gets an extra present. What? Not the way you heard it........well neither has anyone else except for my house Casa de Cuckoo. We took a German Christmas tradition and put a spin on it. If I had really wanted to confuse all, I guess I could have made it the traditional Hispanic Halloween Chile...I mean really????

Red on a Halloween tree, I think not (well except for the devil) I mean a few years ago when this purple and green stuff started showing up for Oct 31st, I was concerned, nay, dare I say consternated. Mrs. Brady green and purple for goodness sake. Who thought of that insanity?...  I know, some influential mid pacific entrepreneur had left overs from a luau order and gave it a go and we, I have to put myself in there with all the  Halloween nut cases bit it. The American consumer will go for anything that is presented correctly and well frankly, we are all confused a bit by the influx of so much attention being thrown to this non "well you know" holiday.

I myself have a difficult time sorting all the influences and timing of the end of October, early November celebrations. Within a matter of hours, we have Beggars night, Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day, Dia de los Muertos and Dia de los Muertos ninos edition.

Whew, a body could get lost in all of that. So what's a little pickle among friends, family, frenemies and my lovelies?


  1. These are fabulous trees. Your home must be a really fun place to dwell.

  2. Oh my, your decorations are lovely! Personally, I have actually been considering a 6-foot tree for Halloween (white instead of black) for a couple of years now. If I can ever find one for a fair price (read cheap), it's mine! *sigh* so many ideas, so little time (space, money). ;-)

  3. Love it, love it, love it all!!! I should take out my Halloween stuff and decorate, but that would mean I'd have to go into the "Hoarders" room and carefully find my way to the Halloween tree...could be very dangerous since my sense of balance just ain't what it used to be!! Thanks for inspiring me...well take that "leap" this week and decorate even though I'll be gone for most of it...SM will have a little something to look at during my absence.

    Love ya,

  4. wacky. definitely a little wacky.

  5. Cool, Linda. Your trees and Halloween decorations are great! I'm so glad that Halloween has become more of a Holiday that people really get into ~ celebrating and decorating, rather than having it be just for children.
    I started getting some of my decor out ~ I better get with it before Halloween is here and gone.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ♥ audrey

  6. Who knew there were Halloween Putz houses????

    I think the personal family traditions are what make the holidays special. So go ahead and hide the Halloween pickle!

    word vert:surably. Pickle hunting is most as-surably a Halloween tradition.

  7. I love, love, love, love, loooooove it all! I think next October, I'm going to come live with you for the month... your house is positively filled with wonder and I could lose myself looking at every little thing for hours. I can only hope to have half as many wonderful things to adorn my home with one day and in fact, have a full mind to go directly to the store and find myself a wee black tree right now!

    P.S... all those vintage cats and pumpkins? Be still my heart! Those are my favorite style for this time of year, but I seem to be severely lacking. I'm going to go wallow in Halloween envy for a bit. ;)


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