Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Blog ..... Queen of Halloween crown....THE LAST DAY

When I first thought of how I would construct my crown for Viv at Out on a Whim's crown challenge, I envisioned well something completely different than what I ended up putting together.

I am easily influenced by the wants, needs and desires of my family and at the dinner table the other night we were discussing said crown. Daughter Shelley said she thought that I should use the 40's influence hat that I had made for The Sorceress of Spiders.

SM, GK and Ry all voted for a Witches Hat of some kind. And I must admit, when I think of a crown for Halloween this is my pick as well. But I had just made one for our giveaway for the Soceress of Spiders so......

So this is my Queen of Halloween crown. A little more 20's looking. Sort of like a flappers hat. The elements I used are: scrapbook paper, pages from a Sears catalog, stickers, crepe paper garland, ribbon, sequins, glitter (who could have a crown with out glitter and it is even Glow in the dark), glitter covered foam balls, tulle, raffia ribbon and a copy of a vintage halloween card. And the help of my faery fae who somehow helped the mess stay to a minimum.

All you have to do is comment and I will be selecting the winner tonight. I will announce the winner on Monday morning. Good Luck and thanks for your intereste in the Queen of Halloween Crown.
Happy Halloween.


  1. ~oh i keep coming...i am here commenting once more...hehehe...i really think you need to make more of these beautifully magical crowns and hats...wishing you a wonderful day ahead...much l♥ve~

  2. Your crowns are all lovely....each its own story.

  3. My goodness, they are lovely. My friend, you have such talent.

  4. Quite pretty they are, all of them. I would not even be able to start let alone finish a hat.

  5. Oh good, glad I didn't imagine the flappers theme :o)

  6. You are a hat maker extraordinaire! I've yet to see a hat you've put out that I wouldn't proudly parade around the town in. :)

  7. Your Halloween crowns are adorable ! Thank you for stopping by my tea party under the Halloween Moon... Penelope and friends loved having you :-)


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