Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween post #1 "The Humiliation of Ms. Ellie Mae"

Every year I start getting excited about decorations and costumes and all the merriment that is the Halloween season and this year I had the added fun of getting a costume for my new rescue puppy, Ms. Ellie Mae Scootles of the Cibola County Scootles, who we have had since 4th of July.

Ellie came to live with us when a friend found the Yorkie/Shih Tzu in her diesel truck repair shop. The kids have managed to spoil her rotten. I on the other hand have secretly wished for a dog I could hold and cuddle for awhile, having only had St. Bernard's previously to call my own. The Saints always thought themselves to be lap dogs but not so much. I could never pick them up after they were about 6 months old. But I miss my big old beasties anyway.

Anyway I found the perfect costume for her since Shelley and the kids call her "Chicken" (not because she is afraid but because she scratches in the lawn like a chicken would). We probably follow way to many country blogs and have chicken envy.

I was so thrilled to have found such a cute costume......well I thought it was cute. You tell me what Ellie Mae thought....see that little bottom lip stuck out and how embarrassed she is. Poor little critter.... But take heart little one you only have to wear it one more time...come back Ellie. Ellie Mae???????

It may take awhile for this very terrier to forgive us.
Happy Halloween to all chickens everywhere.....Ellie.............


  1. She is so adorable. I love her. (Chuckling away over here.)

  2. Oh my goodness that's a great costume! LOL!!!

  3. Oh, you were talking about the dog. for a minute there I thought you had it in for me.

  4. too cute! I always wanted to dress up my jack russell in biker gear cause he was such a little tough son and husband wouldn't let me though. A chicken suit would have been over the it!

  5. that is an awesome awesome awesome costume...I try to get my cats to dress up...they hide under the table and spit at so so so cute...

  6. ::laughing at ellen's comment, heehee::

    Ellie Mae looks adorable, but you are right- she appears to be holding quite a grudge by being forced to wear it.

    Wondering if they make those in dachshund sizes?

  7. Okay for you faithful who commented here. I can let you in the real reason Ellie Mae got a chicken suit. She is a traitorous bitch and loves Blonde Momma (my daughter) more than me because Shelley plays a game with her by torturing her and calling her chicken 5 million times at a setting.....poor dog, you'd think she would have thought the suit was better but no.
    Ladies from your comments I am vindicated in buying her a crazy suit cuz ya'll are enablers. And Ellen.....I had no idea you were called Ellie too....I promise I won't let Shelley torture you....honest.

  8. She looks absurdly adorable. You are lucky she didn't nip you! If you find a little accident in a corner, don't say I didn't warn you, ha ha! And you put on the music to go along with the post. Too cute!


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