Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

May all your tricks be fun
May all your treats be sweet
And may you be back home before the boogie man wakes up.

Lights and pumpkins ala Casa de Cuckoo:

If you dare, bwahaahaaaaha

This is my absolute fave, he's so sassy.

Took me forever to find two of these totems thanks Ebay

Approach to Casa de Cuckoo

howling ghost

spooky spider

Bubbling cauldron

Jack the Pumpkin King
To all of you kids in adult skin.....delight awaits you.
To all the kids ....... observe the magic and breathe it in right down to your toes.

To all of my pagan buddies, May your bonfire burn brightly and the million sparks be your inspirations in the New Year. Blessed Be

To all my Hispanic compardes, Viva la Vida


  1. WooooooAhhhhhhHaaaaaaa.....I cannot rest until midnight. And then.....Waaaaaaaaay...I have to wait one whole entire another year...phooey!

  2. Beautiful....Hope that all your trick and treats tonight are fun- and that you enjoy your evening.
    Enjoy bringing magic to all who encounter you this evening. Hugs to you today!

  3. Viva La Vida! Great Halloween decorations. You did good. Have a great one.

  4. What great decorations. Can't do that over here. The teenagers would destroy it. Hope your day is filled with lots of wonder and joy.

  5. Those pumpkins are intense - I am so stealing the spider and cauldron one for next year.

  6. Happy Halloween My Friend. The pumpkins are just great, I love the spider.

  7. SUPER decorations, Linda!! Next year, I am coming to your house to celebrate Halloween.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE my crown!! Pictures on my Blog.
    (It gave my sad heart a much needed smile ~ I thank you for that).
    Mucho kisses on the way to you!!
    ♥ audrey

  8. As a kid in a very wrinkled adult skin--Thanks.
    Great decorations, aren't you sorry it is over for a whole year?

  9. Oh, what beautiful decorations -- I really like the totems! :)

    Happy -- belated -- Halloween!


  10. LOVE the cauldron pumpkin!

    I have given you a blog award... please pop over here to see: )O(

  11. WOW! Look at all these lightened pumpkins! Wish i was there!
    Maybe someday... ;-)


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