Friday, October 1, 2010

Holler back

Not me but isn't she cute??? So when you see her on your bloggie's me The Olde Bagg

This particular thought has been racing around in my head for quite awhile....should I or what? Holler back that is. On my comments? On your comments? To your e-mail? What to do, what to do.

 When I first started blogging I made up my mind that instead of commenting on my own comments that I would reciprocate on the commentors post. Well that hasn't worked out so well. Because some of you lovelies, out of your own blogging setups have no reply on comments sent, I understand.

The question is do I answer you back and confuse your followers by addressing something that has nothing to do with your posting or do I comment on my own blog and know that most of you will never come back to the comments section and see what I think about what you think? Whew...that was a lot to think about. I do know there have been times when I leave a comment and am puzzled that it has not evoked any kind of response but then maybe that person is wishy washy like me and can't decide what to do.

So being the sane human being that I pretend to be, yeah like this olde bagg is sane (I know that I am not insane but have on occasion questioned whether or not I am outsane), I have decided that I would post this and let you know I will be commenting on my comments, so check back for a holler back. Fair?

The reason for all this consternation is that I can't bear the thought that you might think I don't care what you think. (Yet another wormhole of thought). I do care and each of the 74 of you shown followers and the others that sneak a peek and occasionally share wisdom, insight, humor and thoughtfulness are important to me. So I'm changing my blogging answering style.

I shall henceforth be answering you lovelies, in my own comment section. So if you want an answer, holler back. And btw if you aren't shaking your sassafras along with the music well then start over ya'll and get on it......holler back in the woods..........


  1. You know, I've often pondered this too! I usually comment back in my own comments unless I have something I just *have* to tell someone.


    P.S... I promise I'm not stalking anybody today, I've just been poking on and off the internet more than usual while I work on some witchy sculpting at my desk.

  2. I've felt the same thing but since I only have 3 followers it's not a huge problem I just make a comment when someone leaves a comment. If I wanted to make it private I'd email the person with my comments. So yes I make comments on my comments even if that person never comes back to read them. Whew!

  3. I think that works the best, not sure, but hey, love that little lady, and your bull riding princess too. as for the music I am going to get up off my butt now and do some work. have a great weekend. hope you are well. take care.

  4. There is so much to learn about blogging, isn't there? Somehow I wonder if I will ever get it down pat. Love his music.

  5. Danni: I have no doubt that you are not a well, yeah I'm sorta sure. Thanks for keeping my secret about being the opposite of bad...can't bring myself to say it. Will hurt my mouth.

    Sparkless: See you knew what to do from the beginning....3 will be 30 before you know it...just go visiting. I started by going and seeing my bloggy friends friends and then it just exploded.

    Cinner: thanks for the compliment on my "Ol Lady", I stole her from somewhere on the internet (no photo credit was attached) and have been using her forever. I love her attitude...kinda like mine...a little smarteeee.

    Mary: Bloglandia is just like the rest of life, if we aren't learning we're dead, right?

    Happy weekend ladies and thanks for the comments.

  6. I am still too busy trying to find the beer bong pic. Heehee, but here's a holla! And we talk so much you don't have to worry about commenting back to me - unless of course you are going to cut me off otherwise? THE HORROR! hee

    Kidding, kidding - I think it is a great idea and a habit I ought to get into.

  7. I have been meaning to write you a comment asking you to send me your email address because you are one of the no reply commenters on my blog but I prefer to write replies back to the commenters email because I know I rarely go back to a blog to see if the blogger replied to my comment in her comments. That is my personal preference for my own blog. I have seen blogs where people are commenting back and forth on each others blogs and it becomes confusing to those of us who don't know what the heck they are talking about but that's okay. The people commenting know and are having fun with it, that seems to be all that really matters. Just have fun! Oh, and if you don't mind, could you send me your email so I can reply to your comments on my blog? Please??? or not, if you prefer not.

  8. I've struggled with this too. Usually I answer via email. Once in a while I will post an answer in the comments. I should respond to comments more than I do. But I already spend so much time on the whole endeavor.

  9. Ummm well I have been blogging for... since 2006. Now I'm really depressed! LOL!

  10. I always reply in my comments cuz I like a two sided conversation, even if the other person is no longer listening. Kind of like real life.
    Now if they ask a specific question, I will go to their blog to answer, or I try to.
    I do want to know how you got my picture.

  11. Often I don't post replies on my comments section because I assume people don't go back to double check the replies. Does that make sense. So sometimes I comment out of context on the commenter's blog, sometimes on mine and sometimes by e-mail. That doesn't help, does it?

  12. Skippy darling....I sure hope you find that pix soon....I am anxiously awaiting the source of your schtick.

    Jan: I'm glad that you asked and I have forwarded my email address to you. And see that is exactly why I posted this to begin with...I get confused and sometimes feel like the red headed step child when reading things on others posts.

    Ellen: couldn't agree more. I spend way too much fun time here and then not get drudge stuff done but hey.

    And my dear Sparkless: you got's my turn next.

    Patti: If that is a picture of you...then yous my sista from anotha motha.

    RV Linda: the bad part is I understood every word you wrote.

  13. Linda, I always answer comments on my post. I usually answer them all in one comment. I start with the first comment and address that one and then the next, etc and then I publish it. It's easier that way for me. Are you going to answer me???Did you hear me? lol Take care and have a great weekend and don't forget to send me your postal so that I can get out your print next week.


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