Sunday, October 10, 2010

I don't understand Blogger....I just posted my Halloween tree post.........

I just posted my blog today Sunday and it posted it when I wrote it and saved it......but did not publish it until today. What is up with that....???

I just don't want you, my lovelies to miss my trees and what I view as my humor. So skip over the clock and check out my trees.....please?


  1. Found your trees and they are wonderful!

  2. Blogger can be strange every once in awhile. Love the spooky music. You are sure in the mood. Don't ya just love this time of the year?

  3. I love your Halloween decorations. Good work. I think Blogger is working on some new stuff thereby we get the bad stuff. I had problems with mine a couple days ago but it's fine now. Take care and have a great week and I lovvvvvve your scary music. :)

  4. Hi Linda, I have just been looking back at several of your posts that I had missed. Rather than commenting on each one individually I shall try to comment all here.

    First of all, I do love your halloween decorations. I love that black netting with the spiderwebs on it that you put around a pumpkin. Your trees are very cool too. And your poor patient cat with the costume, what a cruel pet mom you are;-J Are you the blond holding the cat? If so, your moniker of Old Bagg is totally off. Then I read about the settings in my Picasa web albums, followed the links to see what changes I might want to make. I was happy to see that mine were already good, I must have adjusted them to be more private at some previous time. I decided to make all my albums private and will hope my blog is still visible. I haven't been checking my blog list much this past week so had missed several of your posts, sorry about that. Been a busy week but now the rain is back so I am indoors more. I will watch for your future halloween posts.

  5. I, too, was confused that the post didn't show up. lol - I was thinking now there couldn't be anything subversive on that post that she needed to rescind it. heehee

    The trees are lovely. The outside of our house is decorated but I haven't done anything to the inside. Bad Skippy.

    You inspire me tho'. YAY!

  6. Haven't heard of a Halloween tree before but a cool idea. Love you decorations and that pickle thing is an interesting touch.


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