Thursday, October 21, 2010

In case you ever want to know how to make witches fingers....Halloween Blog

In August when we went to the Farmers Market in Corrales, I found the biggest okra pods I had ever seen. When you are cooking okra, you always look for the short tender ones so that the gumbo or fried okra you are planning to cook is edible. Okra by it's very nature can be very tough. So when I found pods that were 10" long and as big around as small branch I was very excited.

Of course Sweet Man thought I had lost my mind because for years he has heard the mantra.....if the okra's as big around as your thumb don't buy it, already too tough.

I used to have a huge garden and okra was always a favorite to grow. The flowers are lovely and the bumblebees love them. And I have been wanting to make Witches Fingers again, for alot of years since Shelley and I made them when she was a kid.

We brought 10 biggie Okra home, strung them on fishing line and put them out on the back porch to dry. Today, GK and I primed them with off white acrylic paint and then painted red fingernails and green fingers. While painting them I was thinking about the reactions these okra pods have garnered, with all the youngsters to whom I introduced Witch Fingers, through the years. I also wonder if maybe they too fixed some for their kids.

We cut off the fingers of cheapy stretch gloves, padded the palm part of the glove, put some quick dry glue on the ends of the okra fingers and secured them to the inside of the glove and now we have these funky, gnarled Witch fingers to add to the decorations for our Halloween dinner table. Now we are ready to freak some poor soul with nasty, gnarly, fingers.

And in another case of reuse and repurpose, Shelley took a child's Hello Kitty Halloween t-shirt we found at the "junk store". Ironed on a stiff backing, made a pocket out of the front of the shirt. Attached it to a $2 canvas bag from Hobby Lobby with a Frankenstein cross stitch. For the cell phone pocket, she took the inside label and added that to the other side of the bag. Came out really cute.

So now the time has come for the bread baking, cookie and candy making and not being in the craft room all the time. Only a few days until Halloween and Day of the Dead. Pan de Muerte, candy apples, sugar skulls, sugar cookies to ice, tamales & chicken mole......confusing but hey when you are honoring the seasons, ya do what ya gotta do.

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  1. I love them both! The witches fingers are wonderful...if only I could get some huge okra. And the bag totally rocks- drama queen would love it! :)

  2. That bag is adorable. I don't think I can find okra that long out here. Hmmmm I may need to check. :)

    Have a great one Oma - always great talking to you.

  3. Those witches fingers perfectly gnarled and pointy... I love them! Shelly's recon is also fabulous, that pumpkin headed Hello Kitty is too cute!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the witches fingers. They are SO great!!
    ♥ audrey

  5. Excellent, I'd never have thought of recycling my veggies in quite that way!

  6. I love those okra pod fingers - very cool! A few years ago someone gave me an angel for my Solstice tree that is made out of an okra pod it is very pretty. Hint, hint!!!! XO

  7. I wish I could come and trick or treat you. These witch hands are great, and a very good recycling method for your bag.

  8. Oh how fun a use for Okra, which is one of the things I will not eat.

  9. The witches fingers are very clever.

  10. Those hands are downright scary. You are so creative.
    I'm with Marlene, good to see a use for okra besides being a veggie to pass up.

  11. okra... now I see... cant believe I didnt see that earlier.... I simply love the simplicity of it....


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