Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is it just me or are ya tired........................

Seems I've gone into slow motion for the past couple of days. Musta been too much green party punch...hehehe at the Soceress Do.

We had so much fun with the doing of it all. I still have three more things to make and share with you as far as "weird things from Oma's head". You know the place of fluff and stuff. I have to take pictures today of fingers, spiders, and Halloween faeries. They have all been complaining that they'd like to just get placed for the celebration and I have kept them apart from the other fun I will bend to the will of the strangies and set up and take their cutie pie pictures.

I also am having a giveaway coming up for my 400th post. The prize will be the Queen of Halloween Crown that I am entering in Viv's from Viv on a Whim's crown showing. And I promise to sneak peek post pictures tomorrow and this giveaway will also be a quick turn around giveaway so that you could possibly have it by Halloween.

And now I have a query. Why yes, I was looking up stuff in dictionary again. Can ya tell? Anyway, the acting bugs and I were having a pow wow and throwing ideas around and thought maybe we should poll the lovelie squad and beyond and find out if anyone else is addicted, fond of, drawn to or just out and out in love with "all things OZ"? If you had a chance to show off your passion for OZ-ness would you be interested in doing so in a group bloggie? Would you like to show off your collectibles, or tell about your favorite character, or show your art that has an OZ zie theme?

Let us know cuz I think we're having a hankering for some green fun say in about 4-5 months from now. Tell me so I can tell the Danger Squad what's happening out there in Lovelie Land.