Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My first try.......and an explanation, okay so an excuse

Hello Lovelies:

Here is my first attempt at sketching and then painting a portrait, actually anything in 40 plus years. I would muddle my way through explanations of a project to students, fellow crafters, other teachers etc with an embarrassed scrawl. I like every other art ed student in college had to take drawing class. It certainly was not because of the naked models that I had a problem with the class. To me that was the best part. The worst part was that my professor took an instant dislike to me because I wore a sorority pin into class.....my mistake.  In my defense, I also was dressed in my sloppy hippy gear. But this lady just didn't like anything I did and flunked me. Ouch. Since art is subjective.....well there ya go. I made it up with another prof in summer school but always felt like I wasn't good enough.....so being the rational 19 year old, I gave it up for bloody ever.

So when my grands are drawing everyday, I am watching and thinking....oh this is stupid, but of course being the rational 60 year old, I just don't. Until now.

My dear friend, who is a superb painter, both in watercolor and silk painting has for years, fussed at me about not drawing. So therefore I have learned techniques from her but have done no subjects on my silks.

I fell, as is always the case, into the art, heart, and healing class shown on my sidebar. I certainly had not set out to find this class but I must say that I am thrilled. I know some others of you are doing this class as well and if it weren't for a promise to one special one of you, I don't know that I would be sharing my work. But I am an Olde Bagg who keeps my word. So without further babbling and any other excuse I can think of.......here is my initial self portrait.

It ain't the Mona Lisa but not bad for a beginning.
This is a free class, open to anyone and will be posted in perpetuity...or a long time anyway. The teacher is so dear and sweet and a little....well I like her because she is real. If you are the tiniest bit interested please check this out. I am having so much fun.

GK, the resident artist told me (and this is a direct quote)...."see Oma I knew you had it in you, but your hair needs a little work, it isn't white enough". Damn Taurus. tee hee


  1. awesome....thank you so much for sharing this on here....

  2. Goddess that is beautiful!!! Great job! you did a wonderful job!!

  3. good for you! drawing is something that you develop like anything else. It takes the doing of it to get confidence to draw more!...you are doing amazing!...great to see! Best, Susan

  4. I love it! and art is sooo subjective. I can't see how any teacher could give an F unless you weren't working at all! how rude.

  5. Your mentor is quite right...You have a wonderful talent....Come back in a month or two and the hair will be white...works for me.

  6. Linda, this is outstanding!! You need to continue painting. You have talent, my friend, just aching to be put on paper. All those creative things you do around the house decorating and making things should have told you that there was more where that came from. BRAVO!!!
    What the heck did those art profs back then know? It makes me angry that she made you feel that you weren't good enough and you kept all that art welled up inside you all these years. But, you go for it now, Linda!! Paint your heart out. You are going to LOVE it.
    I LOVE your self portrait!
    Hugs and love to you.
    ♥ audrey

  7. OH HOLY HECK - are you kidding? That is amazing...and I am not being a suck up - I am being a jealous green eyed monster.

    Damn you woman is there anything you can't do - we are going to have to rethink this friendship thing. I need ONE skill dangit.

    And the song is fabulous ! thanks....

  8. I agree with GK, not about the hair that for I don't know, but about that you do have it in you. Keep it up.
    That is a closet desire of mine, maybe I too will try. Thanks.

  9. see?! Why do we let other people's opinions hold such sway. It's like juries for exhibitions. If you don't get picked, it's just one person's taste. Next jury may love the very same piece.

  10. If I could go back and slap 19 year old Linda I would! I had teachers like that too and my dear, that teach knew nothing. You've got talent for sure, your queenly portrait shows that! Keep it up, to echo GK, you've definitely got it in you. <3

    P.S... I've been slacking and haven't done last week's assignment yet! I think I'll spend my rainy afternoon doing so today. You've reminded and inspired me.

  11. ~linda...she is bbeeaauuttiiffuull...you've captured and created such an essense within her...filled with wisdom and self assurance...i l♥ve it and it is within you to paint and draw...keep going...keep going...sit with those grands of yours and allow them to lead you...no inhibitions or reservations...thank you so for sharing this with us...much l♥ve and light upon you always~

    ps...l♥ve that she has her crown...hehehe~

  12. That is a self portrait? Wow, she has talent and is beautiful too!

    I wouldn't go back and slap 19 year old you, I'd go back and slap the old professor who flunked you and set you on a course of not believing in your own talent. Time to play catch up. I love what you have created here, I couldn't have done anything this good now. Maybe if I practiced. A lot.

  13. Well that's a great job, even after a break of a number of years! And like Jan, I'd slap the professor too lol


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