Saturday, October 16, 2010

Part Three.....the travelers reach the Halloween Party Zone.

So now our travelers after making their trek, have arrived at their destination. And are they surprised? Have they  followed the signs of the spiders. Just look at the wonderful spread of goodies for the travelers.

At last.............

The reunion of Spinella and her bsff, Majisyen

It was all arranged by the spider known as Spinella Mokkara and her spider mate Vriendje. Poor Vriendje, he has no idea that he is on the menu tonight as well.
Spinella's boyfriend and main course

Some of her babies

Magjisyen and Grumete have a secret as well. They, as well as Spinella, made up the whole kidnapping scenario so the three vrienden voor het leven (life long friends) could live happily ever after.

The future looks bright for the three friends.
So party down ya’ll and enjoy the freedom of the spider friends.
To a future filled with possibilites, Happy Halloween
All names were changed in this story to protect the guilty……..tee hee

If you missed part one and part two of the adventure please scroll back to Thursday and Friday’s postings. For those of you who are wondering how in the name of all that is Holy Halloween did we come up with the names and locales for the story? Each of the names means what it is. Grumete is Spanish and Scheepsjogen is Dutch and mean "cabin boy". Spinella, mokkara, spine all mean spider and Majisyen Non Robo is Haitian Creole, Zauberin von Spinnen is German for Sorceress of Spiders. The kids learned many phrases in other languages as well. Great teaching tool Google Translates.

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And lastly Thank you ever so to Vanessa at “A Fanciful Twist” for once again giving my family the opportunity (my word for 2010) to play, pretend, dream and have fun together. We love you Vanessa.