Friday, October 15, 2010

Part Two "Sorceress of the Spiders"

The dear souls being Majisyen Nan Robo, so named by the Haitian Creoles who raised her after her birth parents had her secretly taken her out of Webackia, when she was but 6 weeks old.
the feet of a Sorceress
Her birth name is Zauberin von Spinnen and she has a very special assignment in life, which is the care and protection of the royal spinne or as you Americans would say spider. Her whole life must be devoted to the spider. She is expected to never marry or to have any other distractions that would keep her from her one true duty in life, the care of the spider. For you see, if something were to happen to the spider the von Spinnen family would cease to have political power. Every generation of von Spinnen has had a Sorceress of the Spider and Zauberin is that sorceress, just as her spinster Aunt Geomi had been.
Grumete the cabin boy and friend

Zauberin the Sorceress

Spinella Mokkara the Royal Spider
How the giant arachnid escaped the princess care has been questioned by all of the authorities and it has been suggested that perhaps the spider known as Spinella Mokkara has been kidnapped. That theory has proven to be empty thus far because no ransom request has been issued. There was the group of loyalist back in Webeckia who claimed to have done away with Spinella but nothing came from the investigation in that area. High up sources in the royal household are saying that Spinella is dead and that the princess is responsible. And so, that is why Magisyen Nan Robo has come out of hiding to find her beloved Spinella and prove to the world press that a Sorceress of Spiders does not take her responsibilities lightly.

Now back to our one good lead……the note which was left in a familiar basket at the Wharfton. It is written in the language of the spiders and indicates that there needs to be a meeting of Magisyen and Spinella on October 16th at Midnight in a place where the mountains turn pink at dusk. The meeting place will be disguised as a Halloween party and so they both will need to be in costume. Magisyen Nan Robo has no time to find a costume and will simply have to make do with her traveling clothes.
Spinella leaves a clue

The travelers rest

Best friends from the island
They also know from the wants and needs of the spider that she will be in a dry climate and will possibly have already taken up residence and settled in. She has left some of her offspring, which suggests she has found a mate, along the “trails” to let Zauberin, rather Majisyen and Grumete know that they are on the right path. So our weary travelers have followed the signs of the spiders and have come to this locale.
And yes, this is the way they a piece of watermelon pink
Have they been careful and followed the signs? Will Magjisyen and Grumete make it to the party in time? Have they found the dry climate pink mountains? Follow us to the Halloween Party tomorrow and see.

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  1. ooooooooh eek, What's going to happen next. Hurry up Saturday and get here already!!

    [The Sorceress and her faithful cabin boy are just darling!]

  2. That slice of watermelon ridge looks like just the place!...happy spider hunting!

  3. They'll make it to the party and everything will turn out fine...Please give me another entry for the witchy hat!!!

  4. I mentioned it on my blog also...beautiful witchy hat...

  5. Hurry Saturday. This is a good story. I just love it!

  6. A mate? A party? My how the plot thickens....

  7. This is such a lovely story...Can't wait to see what happens next!

  8. What an adventure! Great traveling clothes.

  9. Great story & a wonderfully witchy hat!!! Thanks for the chance to win friend!!!
    Bonne Chance to me... :D

  10. Great story & wonderful witchy hat!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  11. What a gorgeous hat! I'm definitely in! I posted your photo and link at my blog.
    Great story!

  12. What a fantastic post and what a beautiful hat!
    I have become a follower and will be coming back tomorrow to find out if they make it! I have blogged about your giveaway!
    Loopy x

  13. What an interesting story! I love the old suitcases!
    The translater sucks! hahaha!
    "We love you friend"= We houden van jou vriend
    In english that would be: We love from(=van) you friend. ;-)

  14. Oh I do hope they got the clues right...

  15. I can't wait to see how this turns out! :-)

  16. What a gorgeous sorceress and handsome cabin boy. I am sure they must have found the place and followed the path correctly. Looks just like the kind of place a spider would thrive in. Can't wait to see how this will end.

  17. Darling stars in your Mystery Tale...

    Gorgeous Magical Witch's Hat!!!

    This is sooooo much fun.
    Love your blog & your PICs.
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  18. This needs to be in print. Oh it is in print but I mean the kind that kids can pick up and read.
    Love your main characters and how they have gotten into their roles.

  19. Only you to make me read a story about spiders... And love it!! Ry and Gerea look so fabulous and sweet!


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