Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Table place setting............a la Hallowooooooonie

When I was but 8 years old, I was lucky enough to be friends with a little girl named Marilyn Milner. She had the coolest mother in the entire world. Dr. Milner was a child in an adults body.....hmmmmmm, I think I know this dance.

When I would play at Marilyn's house there would be all manner of wonder and entertainment available. A puppet theather, with tons of cool puppets, a wooden stage in the garage, for putting on shows and a trunk (big old steamer trunk) of costumes that Dr. Milner had purchased from the ABQ Little Theatre and the only swimming pool in the neighborhood that was kid friendly and shallow. Dang, it was a kid's paradise, especially when Dr. Milner played too. She had a wicked sense of humor and a laugh that made you giggle ever time.

Marliyn had a Halloween party and could only ask 5 others from our class. I was so scared that I was not going to be one of the 5...I literally got sick to my stomache and cried.....that also sounds like a wee one I know. But in the end I was invited, oh happy day.

It was magick. Every imaginable treat, delight, delish Halloween edible was there and the table was "just so". You know all the vintage collectible Halloween decorations?????????????, well, they were all there and hadn'[t become vintage yet (just like me)...the cats in the band, the witches, the owls, the skeletons, the vampires. We dunked for apples, went through a spooky ooky haunted house in the garage, looked in a mirror over our shoulder to see our future, peeled an apple to see the initial of the person we were to marry and sat around this gorgeous table where we heard scary stories, and laughed and laughed. Oh it was magickal. And had a profound effect on my fun factor gene.

So here is my poor man's adaptation of the Magick and splendor that Dr. Milner wrought on my 8 year old mind.

Doilies, nut cups, horns, crackers (which are toilet tissue rolls wrapped in tissue paper and tied with curling ribbon).....all embellished by the grands and I. The old Anchor Hocking open edge bowls (found at the thrift store) were "Halloween fluffed" with netting and sparkly trim and a copy of a vintage seal. All this was set on a dollar store plate and we used "after school started" sale presentation folders for the placemats. 


  1. You are freaking over the TOP woman! This is amazing. I am so jealous - your imagination is the sum of 10 people. Wow! Wowsie wow.wow.

  2. You make me want to sit down at your table with all those delightful things in front of me and relish in the joys of Halloween!! You are a child at heart. How wonderful for your grandchildren!
    It is obvious how much you enjoy the Holidays!!
    ♥ audrey

  3. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! :-)

  4. Wow! What memories. I don't ever remember having something like that. It was just trick or treat and we lived in the country so there were few houses. What a wonderful treat you are repeating for your GC. You are just filling their souls with your love and kindness and they one day will do the same with their children. God bless you.

  5. What a fabulous table you set! I want to come trick or treat you!

  6. Once again...awesome, simply awesome! All that fun and excitement must be pure bliss for the grans....How to do it right! ...Super Gran!

  7. Wow! Amazing table setting. Makes me want to have a party, better yet I want to come to yours.

  8. Fantablulous, my friend!!! Love it!! Everyone should have a Dr. Milner to remember and embrace. The kids did a great job, but the ol' Oma really outdid herself!1

    Love ya,


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