Friday, October 8, 2010

Time to let you know.......

The grands are off of school today. Fall break??? A million years ago when I was doing the teaching thing....we didn't have no stinkin' fall break or early dismissal Wednesdays or teacher in service days or lots of other days off, or nights either for that matter. I remember being at school more than at home. Oh well, I am a dinosaur and look what happened to us when we saw the flash in the sky. I didn't even mean to get off on this mini tirade, sorry. Sorta like "I walked five miles to school and it was uphill in both directions". HUH?

On to today's topic, which came to my wee little brain while commenting on my last post. The grands and I will be taking pictures today. I know I am a slacker and should have yesterday but Sweet Man got down the Halloween boxes and I lost my mind thinking that the house was Macy's and I was a window dresser.

When the kids got home from school yesterday, Mr. "I just love me some Halloween" Ry went bananas. He is always very enthusiastic about all the goings ons of all the holiday decorations but he is really my birthday twin when it comes to Halloween decos. He didn't know what he wanted to inspect first, the tree in the dining room or the assemblage in the entry. GK had some "professional nudge" advise for me as to how to attain perfection. Bless her little pointed noggin. There are still miles and miles to go and the boxes are not but half way emplty. So that's also on the agenda for today. Photos ops and finish decorating the house and whatever other mischief we can conjure up.

And in reading the comments from the last post, I realized I needed to share some things with all of you. First thanks for your kindnesses about my grandparenting style. I am always humbled (actually knocked flat on my sit down) by a compliment. But really it means so much to have validation from you. Secondly, you will all get to read and (I trust) enjoy our adventure story on Oct. 16th in our presentation for A Fanciful Twists Halloween Party gathering.

This is a brief explanation of my Oma style which is based on a few things.

A. I swore I would never grow up and forget what it was like to be a child. (Blessing or curse, take your pick)

2. My Mother had 6 wonderful grandkids, 3 girls, 3 boys. She missed out on enjoying them because she was so wrapped up in herself and remaining "pretty". And when she passed away, not one of them knew who she was or little else about her because she never shared herself with them. Sad, very sad. I want my grands to remember me as the woman who made them learn something new every day and made them have fun. And if I'm lucky, the one who gave them life skills and made them eat dessert first some nights.

C. I am afforded the extreme luxury of having my grands living right here with me. (Also blessing or curse, yada, yada)

D. I am blessed with the ability to just let everything else go. I believe in the real world that is called non plussed. As I have told you in the past, I have never aspired to be a good or even mediocre housekeeper. I believe a clean house is everyone's job and we do it as a group. I love to cook and "all hands on deck" is my approach to the kitchen as well. I have lots of prep chefs and we clean up the same way. Our meals often times are not pretty but the kids are learning to take care of themselves later in life.

5. I am a sneaky old broad and sneak lessons in on them all the time. Hands on is how I learn best and have adopted that as my Oma power. Do it or else. (The else can vary but my choice is walk the plank.)

6. And finally I get to play too. And who in their right mind can pass up the opportunity (my word for this year) to play for awhile each day.

So now I've shared my Oma magick with you. You see, it is as selfish as it is giving. I am blessed by being in their lives. They are blessed because they can run faster and hide better.


  1. "run faster and hide better" Heehee - it was fun sharing Grandparents stories with you yesterday. I love you Olde Bagg. Don't ever change.

    Hugs and muchas love

    vert word is undes - Is he here? Is he there? No Rylie in undes there. [and you thought I was going the panty way didn't you. HA!]

  2. Very good Grandparenting style...hope I can live up to it...

  3. I'm like you. I want to share myself and my time with everybody in my family, especially the kiddos. I want them to know where they came from (non-biologically, natch), and I want them to have fond memories of their nana. I won't be here forever. Dammit!

  4. I'm the same way with my g'kids. My mother did not like children (not even her own). She liked teenagers, wanted to be a perpetual teenager herself. She would always say she was waiting for them to be teenagers (she also did not want to be a grandmother or be called anything even close to grandmother, she wanted them to call her by her name although a shortened version. I in my perversity made sure they called her 'grandma' and then her name). And like your mom, she died not really knowing her grandkids because if you don't take the time to love them when they are little, they are not going to love you when they get older.

  5. Youre blessed with Gk and RY! I don't have kids, so i never ever have grandkids :-(
    And ofcourse they're blessed with an Oma like Linda!
    I didnt know "Oma" is also an american word? I thought its "Grandma"?
    We also say Oma :-) and for grandpa it's Opa

  6. I absolutely love your "Oma style" and approach to life...inspiring!

  7. If I weren't older than you, I'd want you for my Grammy. Smart to teach Ry to cook and clean. When he is eventually on his own, he won't be inclined to marry the first girl who can fold socks.
    Keep up the great job.
    Love that picture and can relate to both positions.

  8. Linda from my perch you and the grands are all very blessed. I learn lessons from you all the time as well. Thank you my friend for helping me to be a better person and Oma.

  9. creative chaos gives the mind lots of fuel for a lifetime of learning....You are one smart Oma!


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